Dream Beds

Dreams don't care where you sleep. Whether you are sleeping on a couch or on a Soft exquisite spring bed it doesn't care where you are sleeping. It cares about what you do with it when you wake up

Sighing .....Heaving...And gasping for breath simultaneously but with their eyes closed, traveling in a faraway land of sighs and despair on the torn mat on the floor, have no problems except that he has nobody, and having nobody is having an acquittance with Poverty and Depression. 

But all he could dream of on this torn mat is being a great person in a few years; he lives in a beatdown room with his "Ghana must go," looking like a malnourished teenager housing his two shorts and the church revival shirt he got from the woman down the road who he owed at least some Ghana cedis enough to restock her kiosk, she gave him cause her prophet said if she gave someone to wear, he would become successful.

She bought ten and gave them to all of her family members, including her husband's brother, who won't stop begging her for some "Shito" and won't leave the front of her kiosk would always read in front of her shop and speak Big Big Grammar to anyone who cared to adhere to him; He kept living off his brother and family, hoping for a better life and at Cockcrow, he was doing all he could lay his hand on and helping his in-lawsKiosk, and he wore the T-shirt and went to get "Supplies" for his brother's wife cause that was what she liked to call it then a man called him and asked if he was a member of the Church, pointing to the shirt he had on.

He instantly had " Deja vu" and recollected the dream he had of wearing a new Clothe and shoes; he nodded in affirmation, and the man gave him his card that settled it, And he made sure that in a year, His brother and family increased their standard of living The last shirt went to KwekiAnd funny enough after collecting the shirt that day collected a Cup of "Cassava Flakes" on creditAmazingly the T-Shirt must be wondering if he was the one reviving Kweki or Kweki was reviving him. 

Cause you can no longer see the logo of the Church in front again, Even the God will do it at the back after so much washing has cleared, leaving Do it at the backKweki dreams on his torn mat, fidget and even throw tantrums. As sees himself in Big Mansions with domestic staff lined up like sea crews tending to his needs, and once the cock crows, He turns to his sides and snores away, leaving spittle lined up from the corner of his mouth like the Niger/Benue ConfluenceLazy people always have great plans and things to say and how they know that "Grace" will work for them.

Worse still, before Kweki's Mona died, she kicked vehemently against education, claiming it made Children disobey their parents and all teachers are naturally corrupt and will infect her child with the Englishman behavior, and he will start "Talking with his nose"No Education, No Strong will, the last time I heard of Kweki he was still sleeping in his shaft at age 50 still dreaming away and recounting his dreams to anyone who cared to listen.

Of how great he is in the land of "Orún" and how he is having the best hands serve him in his sleep And lest I forget about the T-Shirt, it is thoroughly washed that it has become plain. There are no words in front or backend there. He seats Papa Kweki, looking at the kids coming back from School, And hearing his Mother's faint voice, "Kweki waits till you sleep, then you will journey to the Land of "Orun."

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