Dreams And Goals

In the embryonic form i was; I had an iota of illusion and aims; Hypothesis and sentiments cannot unravel; My form and being wants to realign structures

In the embryonic form i was
I had an iota of illusion and aims
Hypothesis and sentiments cannot unravel
My form and being wants to realign structures

The world cannot decipher my mystery
Aims can be thwarted though
But I look up above the clouds
I set my ambitions higher than the mountains

I have a strong sense of de ja vu about my aims
Enthusiasm,interest and determinations keeps me pressing
Beings on earth treat my aims myopically

I heard a voice that ordered me to take the plunge
Indeed, I saw ray and beaming of light
I was foretold am on the verge to cannan
I got to the milestone

I got addresesd as a traiblazer, pioneer
Pacesetter did became my official name
Indeed I am a virtuous being.
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