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Dreg Of Religion

This is a daring narrative poem that is an adaptation of the unfortunate event that transpired in Sokoto state involving Deborah Samuel. May Her Soul Rest in Peace.

"I have cautioned; this lidless mouth of yours will cook you" - 
I could recall Sarah's admonitory voice then, as I lay
chest-flat against earth; underneath the exhausted ray of sun - 
redirecting my breath to the mouth like a patient on
self-Life Support - 
flashes of memory strode past my eyes
as I lay with ripped skin on red moistened sand:
"If god was great, 
he would have saved my mom
Instead, he let a car's tire like a brush use
her blood to stroke the black Asphalt red."
I said to my friend, Sarah - 
my memory now hazy - 
though, I re-mem-ber when:
they hurled rocks at me. Clubs perforating my bones - 
punches raising mountains on my skin - 
I was singing my swan song when petrol was 
watered-down on me like plant intended to germinate - 
I jerked and screeched when the smoke of roasting skin
ascended and perfumed the streets - 
reliving my agony for the second time - 
all these, because I called out an Allah
who exists only on pages. 
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