Drunk 🍻 🍷 🍺

A poetic revelry inkling of a drunken man recounting his ordeals haughtily. In the midst of the disdain and rebuke of onlookers. His thoughts are silent πŸ”• to himself...

Always drunk,
Quarters of my head,
Down to the spines ark,
Where I lay sleep 🌝,
Wherewithal load of goads,
Of sweet calabashes,
Of holy water, palm wine,
Served gush freshly trees,
Brewery customary of HIM,
Elenu Alagedidun, Ooooooh!

Are you where?
Oh, up the trees!
My lips πŸ’‹ dry...drained,
Of last night's sip grease,
Your shed now a fortress,
To hold armored tongues
Triumph pots of the water,
White for blessed libation,
Kolanuts for witty divination,
Asking the Gods if, if not
Our mouths πŸ‘„ necks safe
Of sores... drown splurge
Stomach purge...vomit...poison.

Eledunmare, we keen you,
As the destiny of destitute,
For such other eyes πŸ‘οΈ ,
Across the reeks, retinas,
Poked us...hiss up πŸ‘ƒ noses,
Some eye πŸ‘οΈ derisively,
Others shake heads,
Devil πŸ‘Ή bare witness hastening,
We died of a drinking death,
From πŸ¦…eagle  hawks of minds.

Personally sonship,
Of Ajagbe flagship,
When drunk 🍷,
The snag...nagging flogging,
When will you befriend the πŸ‘° bride?
Smothers like the mountain ⛰️ flames,
Once palm wine served to ooze
The whitish spree of vitality,

Then, I remembered maidens'
With whom I had talk talks,
Which smitten mine...myself,
Whom ought meet under the trees,
When I should seek and visit of HER,
The ONE whom rival drunkenness,
Day-by-Day fleeting...filtering.

Drunken πŸ‘¨ Man!
Head Heavy ladder,
Poke the tributary guards,
"Open πŸ‘ I seek for my Creator"
Then...lay πŸ“Ά bare requests,
Sought Mouthful Sanctions
Turn back... forth living,
Without πŸ˜‡ Angel Micheal,
Without Angel Gabriel,
Flapping any sparkling πŸ† wings,
One-on-One with Eledunmare,
Isn't good drunken behest?

Mostly rest my back,
Wake ⏰ laid down,
Grim day reaper,
Kick-off diabolical,
Like in a dream of happenstance
Richly respectedly...kingly bowing,
Of my known foes...now friends!
I wouldn't be my usual mien,
I wouldn't be usual snobbish,
I wouldn't be usual merry.
A King πŸ‘‘ dignify straight sense.

Fought 🦁 Lion,
Stand up champion,
I set on my enemies' shoulders,
Like the brave hunter,
With Dane gun,
That I could fire πŸ“›,
Any elapse mouths,
Taunting my drunken man,
It killed Lion 🦁 truly,
What's Lion's fate...Fatality
With mine...if not drunkenness.
However, the victory victorious
When ⏰ waken my reality check.

I see days,
I clout the angels walking by,
I see the invisible ghommids,
Of diverse enamels...skin curves,
Of staggering gaunts..foggy πŸ™ creatures...snakes' heads...flipping stings...goddess heads...down fish's tails...one neck...two heads...
Radiant eyes...antelope hoops, etcetera running across board.
Where are they running to?
I see them...nay dim focality,
If I say so...what will they suck me?
If I say so...what sense full of me?
Even the YEMOJA nightingale!
As if pushed from dry land,
To the πŸ’¦ water side of fantasy,
She, the πŸ‘Έ queen, I, his πŸ‘‘ king,
Maybe, blood veins hot straits,
Strands my life and times,
Of always a DRUNK...DRUNKEN Man.
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