This is an allusional poem about the new trending culture of BABES forming πŸ˜’ seriousness or been classy.A frustration of most guys πŸ‘¦ sitting beside a beau seeking to start a chat with uttermost attention face-to-face.

Sisi wey waka for my front,
I dey halla you wait,
You no dey hear,
Ears πŸ‘‚ dey still...wacky,
E-A-R P-E-A-C-E!
Mode of Mind.

Siddon πŸ’Ί beside me,
For public 🚌 Bus route,
Fine πŸ₯”potato perch,
Silent alone, aloof,
I try choke little πŸ’¬ words,
Earpiece unto her ears,
Sighs heavily.

Lagos Babes,
Form boss women πŸ’,
Wey no need men,
In their matter of πŸ’ marriage,
In their matter of family hood,
How e go be sister?
Wen you blocked ears,
E-A-R P-I-E-C-E!

🎧 Music... Musicals
Wizkid, Davido notice you,
Among their fans πŸ’ͺ armies,
Baby Mamas, Dubai,
Ones wey don 🐣 born,
Ones wey miss period,
In dreams, wishful leaps
At realism of likely πŸ€—
In real life or buck beds πŸ›οΈ.

Everyday bobo...na me,
Wey get dream of stardom,
Yeah, stay with me like Simi,
Don't be high like AG boo,
Let your nebos know me,
I am not Zino, Marlian πŸ‘Ά Boy
The Maserati we hop soon,
We wouldn't buy Terri-boy's model

Na...so...so Earpieces ON!
For Lagos babes wey love lack,
Carry pretend kill toasting kits,
Wey then love-letter practise,
Sing love-poems honey,
Use Bible verse of Solomon,
Backdated the fleshy sins,
Yet souls talk am honey-pout,
First kiss...First sex...First venue,
First na evergreen.

Say Hi,
No 😏 smiles, frown face,
Who died Sisi-Aunty Lagos?
Earpiece from the πŸ‘› purse,
To pulse your poverty-sheet
From boarding rolling 🚡 🚴 bike
Flash cash 🏧 small, ease bonnet,
Open enter ↩️ stony heart,
Na them earpieces pulse,
Paid fares...xchange numbas
Na you be an unlicensed operator
The numbas na scripted tissues,
Minus you...Earpiece back to Work.

Wetin love make dey live,
Now of recent days, years,
None of under trees πŸƒ shades,
None of the love intermediaries,
Nuke, the days of luv at first πŸ”¦sight,
Hi-tech, Hi-Class.
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