A Contemporary representation of how teenage life could be ruined and Changed by peer group influence.

"Death may likely be Our Forever because I had always wanted you to be mine till eternity" these were her words to me. It was a simple Tuesday morning; I had just turned 18 a day ago, waking up to a brightening morning in my well-arranged room. I noticed my room temperature was very low, thereby making my room so cold, "Ahhhhhhhh, dad turned on the AC!!???!!" I exclaimed, still lying on the bed with my well-covered whitish duvet, providing a little warmth.

After some moments, I got up and went directly to where my Air condition switch was and quickly turned it off, and then returned to my bed's position and sat down on my bed (on my bed frame directly); my bed frame was made with a soft timber and was always my most convenient spot to sit on, I sat down comfortably, unplugged my phone from its charging spot, unlocked it and started surfing almost immediately, I felt very happy without knowing what the actual cause of such happiness was, maybe it was because I had just become a young adult a day ago, and I will resume doing some Uncanny things that I couldn't do before then, and my friends were always telling me about how they were enjoying and getting a lot of pleasure, courtesy of their opposite gender which in this case were females.

My friends were all males; they were Akim, Oluwatobi, Fisayor, and Raymond; I had no time for females because I thought they were special humans who could actually cause pain to males through heartbreak and mare lies; I got this enigmatic ideology from my Uncle who was a graduate of UNIBEN. In some instances, I was almost influenced to join my friends in taking hard drugs and longing for high-class babes twice, but I declined both opportunities because I thought I was still a child who was still growing, and they were all in their early twenties, and I was just seventeen years old, then. I had always wanted to reach eighteen before I began thinking anything about pleasure or forbidden enjoyments. So I waited, then I was finally eighteen, my dream age.

I actually celebrated my birthday, and my friends came with a lot of sluts, drinks with higher alcoholic Percentages, and some added Shisha; it was celebrated in a mini Club in the south, so it was a lawless zone; after sometimes, my friends began teasing, toasting and kissing some of the sluts that were available and at the same time taking hard drugs, I wasn't surprised, because they had always told me about their rascal lifestyles. I really loved what they were doing, but I found it hard to join them even when they tried forcing me because I was afraid, and they were things my parents really reprimanded. So at the end of my birthday party, I couldn't withstand moving at night, so I left them there because they were not willing to go due to much ecstasy. It was late, so I ordered a bolt and highlighted it at home; after some time, I quickly slept off because I was stressed out and fatigued. That was how my eighteenth birthday Seemed to be for me.

I began seeing myself as a young god who had just arrived; at that same instance that morning, I called my friends and told them I was bored at home and that my parents weren't in town, "We got your back, brooo, na man you be, we go bring goodies for you, no fall hands!!!", One of them, Oluwatobi exaggerated. It wasn't up to two hours, I was still inside my room, when Ululations filled my room, rapid sharp noises, I immediately looked through my window and noticed it was my friends who came with five other girls who had quintessential beauty, who looked very strange to me, very unfamiliar, I had never seen such faces in my life, they approached closer, and after some moments, they knocked on my veranda metal door, and I immediately opened the door, and they entered in three folds, and I closed the door antecedently.

They exceeded Our Children's parlor and came to Our large parlor, and from there, they tried approaching my room. Still, I wouldn't be comfortable taking them there because my room had always been a special place to me, so I stopped them from going further, insisting we use the large visitor's parlor, which had an awesome paint(Intercolour designs) designs with some classy and first-class wooden furniture with a lot of ancient and African art collections on its walls and some expensive flowers on each vessel, which made it look like an African Nationalist's home, they were all in agreement. Hence, they all sat on our furniture, Sofas, and chairs inclusive.

I went directly to our wine and beverages bar, which was in an adjacent position to our large parlor; I took out a lot of wine and beverages, beer included, and served my friends and the other ladies they came with, of course, they all felt good for such warmth hospitality, after some moments, My friend Oluwatobi introduced me to the ladies stating that I'm one of the nicest people he knows, and how generous, social and carefree I was, I felt good for such honorary introduction, He also introduced the girls to me stating their names drastically and making it so fast, their names were Iniobong, Imaobong, Ifeoma, Redah, and Chinyere. They were all beautiful girls facially, with endowed breasts and asses, they all smiled at me, and I could sense the joy on Chinyere's face while She was blushing and smiling in almost one instance with her eyes glued up to my face; I liked her already, She was the most endowed among five of them.

After a while, We were all up and dancing because I had turned on the music with an increased volume; I detested alcohol, So I didn't drink any, I took a non-alcoholic wine instead, but they all drank drinks that had large alcoholic Percentages, I didn't mind. After some times, one of my friends, Raymond whispered into my ears, saying He wanted having an urgent private talk with me, I didn't hesitate, I took him to my room, and before he began talking, Fisayor had already walked into the room, they both said that "I was too mature to be drinking a non alcoholic wine, they said i should try alcoholic wine or beverage too, and that I should pick from any of the girls and role with" they were my close friends, so, the was no argument, we all went back to the parlor and i suddenly became a little wild, I went directly to the wine bar again, and suddenly came back with a wine that had an high alcoholic contents, i opened and poured it into a cup, my first time of trying alcohol, i consumed it with ease, and after some moments, I excused Chinyere, and immediately took her to my room, I teased her and She said She's really into me already, i was surprised, She brought her lips closer and kissed me softly, that was my first time, kissing, I was overwhelmed, She did the kissing like a professional and i was learning fast, She pushed be softly and i landed my back on my bed, She kissed even more passionately, it was intense, I felt my sexual hormones were already active, We had a foreplay, but i never wanted sex because I had this thought that she was a slut and could likely leave me with a sickness, so i tried all i could to avoid sex, this wasn't Chinyere's plan, She had said she was already wet and could not leave without sex.

She got my belt off, I felt some sudden urge, I pushed her downwards and took my trouser off, at that same moment, I heard a loud sound on my room's door (koi,Koi, Koi), I rushed to check who it was, guess who it was, It was my friend Oluwatobi, he handed over something into my cold and sweaty hands and went back to the parlor, i turned to see what it was, i saw an inscription "Durex", ohh, it was a condom, i was flarbagasted and was thinking why it happened so fast, I felt naive as at that instance, because i didn't ask for it, i didn't mind, I bounced the door and went back to Chinyere who was still lying on my bed, with an Uncanny facial expression, looking like a person who was very expectant, She said loudly "Death may likely be Our Forever because I had always wanted you to be mine till eternity" this really got me, because, She was just on a g-string and had no bra on, it's got even more interesting, She said she couldn't resist the urge any longer, She dragged my black-coloured shot down and gave me a blow job immediately, as at that time, I had known that my sanity had been seized and withheld, I had never had such pleasure, she kept pushing her mouth toe and fro on my p*nis, I felt her tongue doing wonders, I couldn't resist, I lost my virginity right there, She left my room few minutes after that was done, I had never felt such intense pleasure in my life, funny enough, all i began thinking immediately she left was the Comeuppance of such action.

"What if this was a set up" "Why did She leave that fast, just after having Sex" "Could it be pain? "

"Did She mean when She said she wanted to be with me forever? "Could She be shy of me already? "What if my friends brought her for just that purpose? "What if She is a pervert? "I actually enjoyed her company. Will, She keeps me company any other time" "She's not my girlfriend; how could she do such? "What if her mission was just to get me to disvirgin? "

These were some of my thoughts; I pondered on the incident so much, still lying in bed naked. A few minutes later, I concluded, made up my mind and said to myself, "What will be, will be." almost immediately, I got into my private shower, took a light shower, and then left my room to our parlor, reaching there I quickly noticed it was only my male friends that were still inside, I was in awe. I asked my friends where the girls were; they said they had just left a few minutes before I came. I felt bad because I had really wanted to get Chinyere's contact from her, so she could always visit once more frequently. Unfortunately, It happened. She had left already; I felt terrible." She didn't even let me know she would be leaving soon" I sat on one of the Sofas and kept pondering. In such a state of Quagmire, I felt troubled. All my friends were drunk and were already helping themselves with a lot of sleep using our long furniture as their medium of resting.

So, I was the only one that was sound at that time; I was soliloquizing, all talking by myself; not too long, I fell asleep too. When the evening was drawing near, suddenly, I woke up, and all my friends were already awake; I rushed to our kitchen and made noodles in large quantities; of course, that was the only thing I could cook, so I cooked it diligently and presented the meal in our dining table, we all had our dinner. I tried making good inquiries about Chinyere's whereabouts; Oluwatobi, in uneasiness, replied, saying that She had gone home already and the possibility of meeting her again was less. After taking dinner, they all departed; I escorted them to a point and then came back. As time kept going, I kept on thinking more about Chinyere; it was weird because I had never missed anyone that much. My love for ecstasy had already caused me a lot because I could always remember the sex instance and how everything went; the addicting force was huge, I felt like always seeing Chinyere over and over again, and my spiritual life was already in Qualms, a disaster, but, I never mind all I wanted was having to see Chinyere again. Days and months rolled away, and my feelings still never changed; the urge for pleasure was still very rigid in me; I never found any other girl as attractive as Chinyere, so I had no plans of giving room to any other girl, even when I had a number of girls crushing on me in my street.

It was just four months later; I was in a Cyber Cafe printing out my lecture notes; my phone rang loud; I had a wonderful ring tone; it was Juice W'rld's genre of depressed, heartbreak song titled "Lucid dreams," It was my favorite song at the moment because of what I was passing through, I wasn't impecunious, no, I was still disturbed about such likeness for someone I just met once. I immediately took a glance at where my phone was, checking who the caller was; it was a strange number, a number I had not saved on my gadget; I thought it was a Coursemate who was trying to reach out to me; I boldly picked the call, I heard a voice that was similar to a voice that was always ringing in my mind, Surprisingly, it was Chinyere, the first sentence she made was "Tayo, Death may likely be Our Forever because I had always wanted you to be mine till eternity," this was her second time of making such complicated statement, I thought, could she be clairvoyant??", ahhhhhh, Chi babyyyyyyy" I exaggerated, She sounded so nice and left me in awe, all I could imagine as at then was having Chinyere in my room again. She told me she had traveled out of the country and we would likely not meet soon; at this point, I got even more broken; I asked how she got my contact; she said she connected to my soul, that I shouldn't bother, "you say whattttt?" I screamed; goosebumps and chill bumps took me unconsciously; she laughed out and said it was nothing; she asked for my E-mail, so we could FaceTime; I listed it for her accordingly with an emotion-filled face; anyone could easily detect how happy I was talking to her.

After school activities, I went home. It was 2:45 am; I was still up playing and watching some series on Netflix, I got a FaceTime notification of an incoming call, and I quickly opted out of Netflix; I could feel the desperation. I carefully dragged the slider and accepted her call, feeling like it was my best moment.

Her: hey, Soulmate.

Me: hey, baby girl, how's your night going?

Her: it's ok; I just finished some paperwork and am bout to hop in the shower. How's my king feeling?

Me: well, your king is feeling restless and ecstatic.

Her: well, hurry up and face me! I accepted that request so damn fast I almost declined it. She set the phone on a stand in front of her shower and said, "welcome to Chinyere's show; sit back and enjoy."

I hooked that shit up to my tv and got my lotion and sat back and watched my baby put on a show. She stepped into the shower and let the water cover her body and took the soap and covered her body in suds, and I must say the way she ran her hands over her curves slowly got my p*nis rock hard, So I started massaging it slowly looking at my girl in a whole new light. She had a bench in her shower; after she robbed off, she sat down on it, leaning against the shower wall with her legs opened up, giving me a clear view of her shaved kitty, and just looking at it made my mouth water. She took out her purple dildo and sucked on it like she would do mine, which made my dick jump. She traced it down her big juicy ass breast straight down her stomach till she reached the slit of her pussy and rubbed it up and down till she was ready to push it in and the little moan she let escape her mouth had pre-cum leaking from the head of my manhood. She wasted no time working that shit inside her pussy, twisting and turning while squeezing on her breast, creaming all on that shit by this time, I was so into this shit and grunting heavy asf which she could hear, and she took it out and put it back in her mouth and sucked and licked her juices off of it and put it right back in. She yelled out, "baby cum with me," and started going fast as she could, gripping the bench as I gripped my p*nis tighter going faster as well. Her moans were sexy asf, and soon as her eyes rolled to the back of her head, I knew she was about to cum; she called out my name so sexual I busted right there as she came all on that dildo saying my name.

I was so turned on; she did even more; mum knocked on my room's door due to the Ululation she was hearing from her room, and I immediately hanged upon the call after so much forbidden ecstasy... I'm addicted to her soul, and I don't think I can ever get rid of her; maybe she has trapped my soul in an unknown world. I wish I would heal. My pleasures are slowly replacing my serious life. Such addiction is ruining me; I think about her all the time, and I think I've been a victim of circumstance. I feel I'm in a Cul-de-sac, and I can't go out because it has no exit route. Maybe that was why She has always said, "Death may likely be Our Forever because I had always wanted you to be mine till eternity" I hope this ends well.

©️Lawrence Godwin.


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