Electoral practices in Golden City...Electoral processes in Golden city are fascinating; It is always a moment of change either positive or negative; Representatives come out to elucidate their manifestoes;

Electoral processes in Golden city are fascinating
It is always a moment of change either positive or negative
Representatives come out to elucidate their manifestoes
They become acquainted with the less privileged, adults and the physically impaired ones

The advent of election in this city is always an adorable and thrilling era
Students of different primary and secondary schools get various educational materials
Consumable goods become invariably cheap
Free medical checkups and treatment of some ailment
Citizens tend to add more vests, T-shirts, and caps to their wardrobe

In order to attain these positions by all means
They employ decent and rascal louts
They never believed in the power to vote
Pandemonium and chaos have now become the nickname of this city
The newspaper would never be glanced through without hearing massacres and kidnaps

These representatives never had their families residing in the golden city
They never had any of them schooled there
Medical care is being sought overseas
Vacation is spent abroad due to the insecurity they caused

Oh!. My precious city is wounded
But we claimed to be religious
Who is the Judas amongst us?
Who is also the messiah?
Electoral practices are influenced
The Judiciary system is wrecked

O God of creation
Direct our noble course
Help us to be good
Guide and direct our path
To restore the lost gold and treasures of this golden city
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