Pere 5 months ago

Emerging Into Light

Emerging from the depths of darkness; I fought a battle, filled with starkness; With a heart trembling brimming with resolve

Emerging from the depths of darkness
I fought a battle, filled with starkness.
With a heart trembling brimming with resolve
I step into the brightness embracing truths hold.

Once shadows veiled my every step,
Fear and uncertainty were never bereft.
But now I rise with a strength
Breaking free my personal narrative unfolds.

Tears shed in hidden corners of my soul
Now reflect hope upon faces that unroll.
A spectrum of colors blossoms, in array
As I reveal myself fears start to sway.

No longer confined within walls or disguise
My true self is no longer disguised.
In vulnerability I discover my might
Stepping into the light.

Oh, what a journey! A triumphant flight!
From depths, to sight.
With arms, unshackled and free
No longer. Truly finding me.

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