Emotional Accident

As gentle as a chameleon, he came to me and said with great affinity: " congratulate me and also feel sorry for me, Anisa."Congratulations to what? I curiously asked. My name is Mr. Bash; I have won a five hundred million naira (N500,000,000) contract with the government. Wow, what a breakthrough! Congratulations! But why sorry?

Sorry because they promise to release the contractual part payment after documentation and signing of the contract, and I don't have the money to start the work. I was surprised to see such a handsome guy open up to a stranger like this. Gradually we started having an intimate talk, but my heart longed for him and did not keep any check on my emotions. When a sentimental relationship got established with him, I asked in a subdued manner: "How much money do you want?" forty million nairas only (N40,000,000), he replied.

As quick as an eye blinked, I gave him the money. After giving him the said amount of money he requested, he deserted and was never to be seen or heard from him again. I finally concluded that that guy was a fraudster. After all my efforts to have recovered my money back proved abortive, I reported him to the police, and they assured me that he would be arrested if found. They tagged him WANTED!

After fourteen( 14) months of waiting, I was terribly shaken to see the picture of Mr. Bash in his diary at the hands of a poor blind girl by the roadside. Whose diary is this? I asked. " It is my brother's diary," the poor blind girl replied. My brother died on the same day last year in a ghastly car accident. Today marks his anniversary, so I have to remember him by holding his diary in my palms.

In his day, he once told me that, when he is gone, I should keep his diary safe and make sure that I handed it over to one ANISA, the lady I still don't know! I was emotionally wrecked and heard everything in silence with a deep sense of regret and suspense as if I was completely dead and was carrying my dead body on my shoulder. When I collected and opened the diary, "Anisa N200,000,000 has been transferred to your friend's account (Zee); I also sent her a text explaining that it is yours!"

More than N100,000,000 as a gift to me! I thought you maliciously took away my money, Mr. Bash! Pls Forgive me; it is an EMOTIONAL ACCIDENT! I knelt down in uncontrollable tears before being taken to the hospital. I became heartbroken! I was drowning in tears, the poor blind girl was in tears too, and the people who took me to the hospital were also in tears 😭😭😭What an emotional accident!


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