End Racism; Build Peace ✌️

As we prepare to mark world peace day on the 21st of September, let us remember that Peace ✌️ is one way to sustain development and relationship...

When I was growing up, everybody thought I would become a lawyer. I also had high hopes 🙏 for myself, and I believed the arm of my flesh would save me. As I grew older and began to enter external examination halls, questions seemed easy, but I was never on the spot. Especially post UTME exams. I was always 2️⃣ or 3️⃣ marks away from the cut-off, Mark 🚩. Each time I would tell myself that I would try again. The last time, I was just a mark away, and there was no consideration this time. It's either you merit it or no way.

It was as if the tide of education was against me. I kept struggling to go to school. After my younger ones obtained admission into the university and my friends, my father used to abuse me a lot, and I would hide indoors and gloat over my predicament. Why did I want to study law? I wanted to study law because I felt it was the only way to create peace between two warring parties. So I tried endlessly to go in for law.

As time runs, I realize that lawyers don't only sue for peace; they get the whole issue ⚠️ mixed up and cause conflict. This I understood after I became a journalist and had to report some court proceedings. I sat in court sessions for long periods, and I knew I wouldn't have been a normal lawyer. I would rather have been a human right advocate, taking up pro bono cases and such likes.

Today, I am a Peace sponsor after the order of my father, who has been an Ambassador for Peace ✌️ for years, settling disputes whenever he is called upon. Peace ✌️ gives me a kind of satisfaction each time I mediate between warring parties. As the world prepares to host peace on the 21st of this month, with the theme; End racism, Build peace. I wish to remind us all that peace is not a one-day celebration 🙌 it is continuous. For this reason, anywhere you find yourself, sue for peace. If you have an ought against anyone, it doesn't matter whether you're right; I urge you to sue for peace.

I also know that during arguments, it is difficult for us to give peace a room, but we can try. When it comes to peace, don't give it a second place; let it take the first place. God is the prince of peace; we can always invite him into the day to give peace. We don't practice racism but tribalism. It doesn't matter whether I speak the same language as you; sue for peace whenever the need arises. If we cultivate this habit of suing for me, we create room for growth and development and foster good relationships and neighborliness. Because peace costs nothing, it's priceless. The conflict has a price tag on it that increases with time.


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