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A story about the trials of a teenager (Eniola) and how she came to overcome them.

Episode 1

I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with Martins, my crush, at school today. I believe it is best for me to stay back at home. The assembly would be over, and our Maths teacher, Mr. Frank, would be in class. I don't want to enter during his time and become the center of attraction in the class. 

Aside from that, the man has a way of disgracing people. He can just say, "Hey, why are you arriving at school so late? Abi, do you have a child that you are responsible for?" This particular sentence irritates me. Motherhood! Who's up for that right now? Oooooops! There is a chance that I will become one shortly. What occurred on Friday resulted in all of these things

I'm not sure how to tell Mama since she'll murder me if she finds out. Sade is the only person I can trust right now. I'm confident she won't betray me. She'd be in school right now; thus, her phone wouldn't be with her. Let me wait until she gets home from school. Oh my goodness! Is it true that I will not write the WASSCE that we studied for? I should have listened to Mama and not taken that shortcut on that particular day. I'm sorry I did that; let me wait for Sade to return.

(After a few hours) Sade should be back any minute. I said as I decided to pick up my phone to call my bestie. "Hi Sade, can you please come over to our house? I have something very urgent to discuss with you, and I don't want to say it over the phone. It's very urgent!" I said. " What happened? Should I come over now?" my friend said. "Yes, please," I said. 

Our house was not too far from each other; it's about 5 mins, so she came very soon. " What happened? You didn't come to school today. I was just planning to call you when you called me." she said. "What happened is that... "

To be continued… 

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