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Eniola (episode 9 And 10)

"Enny, are you ok?" Martins asked me. "I'm not sure," I replied, already tense. "It's all right now, Enny. You can stop crying." He reached out his handkerchief to me.

I'm not sure why; perhaps some kind of spirit was controlling me. I began to cry even more. "Enny, what happened?" he inquired sweetly. "Martins, it is... actually... Friday… I was…" I'm not sure; I just started stammering. He couldn't understand what I was saying. "Yes, what happened on Friday?" He inquired. "Oh my God! Was I going to tell him?" I thought. "It's nothing," I responded.

"Are you sure, Enny?" He inquired once more. "Yes!" I responded quickly, avoiding his gaze. "But why do I have the feeling there's something you want to tell me?" he inquired. "It's nothing," I responded. Trying to change the subject. "Why didn't you answer the chemistry teacher's question today?" I asked. " I've been depressed. That's why I didn't feel like responding." "Does it have anything to do with what happened yesterday?" I inquired. "I'm not sure. I just wish you knew how I truly felt about you. I'm not the type of guy who would try to force you to accept him. All I want is for us to be together. I understand that we still have a future and dreams ahead of us, but we can just let this work. "I like you, Martins, but..." But what?"

I'm not sure. Oh, my God! Am I really going to tell him the truth? "No, what I meant was that I love having you as a friend," I responded sharply and quickly changed the subject until I reached the intersection of my street and excused myself. "Would you like me to accompany you?" He inquired softly. "No, don't worry. Thank you very much." I responded. " Okay, bye." As he waved his hand, he said. "Goodbye! I'll see you tomorrow." I replied as I hurried to my street and home. Mama hadn't returned yet, so I decided to wash the plate and do some other housework. I wanted to go and read my book after I was through with the chores when I saw Aunty Peace's message. Our club coordinator is Aunty Peace.

Martins, Sade, and I are all members of the Human Rights Club. We were expected to be in the Jets club as Science students, but we preferred the Human Rights club. Perhaps it was because we love the coordinator, Aunty Peace. Because of her, the majority of science students are members of the club. She is a very sweet and kind person. She challenges us to always stand up for what is right. We do, however, occasionally attend Jets club meetings. Her message was that we were going to discuss a case of child abuse and come up with solutions to prevent it in the future. And we were to discuss it on Thursday. I set out to work on it…

To be continued…

Episode 10

I set out to work on it and went to Google to search for "ways to curb child abuse." I brought out my pen and started writing the point for a discussion on the topic because we usually have club meetings on Thursdays, and I have a day to develop my point and present was expected to present it the day after tomorrow. When I was able to leave the page, under suggested searches, I saw something like " Ways to curb rape" and decided to click on it. I saw many results, but one caught my attention. It goes with the caption, " What to do as a victim of rape." I clicked on it and proceeded to read.

According to the article, rape victims do not want people to know what happened to them because of stigmatization. "That strikes a chord with me!" I reasoned as I continued to read. It also mentioned preserving evidence and immediately reporting to the station after a rape. I was guilty of this; I ran back home, washed my clothes, and immediately took a bath, which was not advised here. To preserve the evidence, you should not take a bath. "I'd already done everything, so there's no hope." I was about to leave the site when something caught my attention… "When girls read about preserving evidence and all that and realize they didn't do it, they become discouraged.

They shouldn't be, though! SILENCE goes a long way toward encouraging the perpetrator and giving them the confidence to do the same to OTHERS. You must never abandon them by remaining SILENT. You must speak up in order for them to be punished." It was as if the author of the article was speaking directly to me. I need to fight now, but how? I decided to read on, and I discovered that they had also written about it. As I continued to read, I thought to myself, "This is God's way of giving answers to Mama's prayers" "You should understand that deciding to speak up is one of your personal choices. Now that you've decided to do so talk to your PARENTS or an experienced OLDER person who can assist you by filing a report. You should speak with them because they understand how things like this work. Your age-grades won't help much, but you must include an elder."

After reading that, I was determined to speak up, but I don't see myself speaking to Mama. "Who is the most experienced older person I could speak with?" I was considering who I could talk to when I had this thought. Certainly not the Chemistry teacher. But who? Anty Peace! Yes, Anty Peace!

She is the ideal person! She is our club's coordinator, and she is extremely nice and passionate about fighting for justice. In addition, her husband is a lawyer. She is the ideal person. Anty peace married about a year ago, but we can't stop calling her Anty peace because we were already acquainted with her. I immediately messaged her on WhatsApp and asked if we could talk after the regular club sessions on Thursday. "Anty, may I see you after the regular club session on Thursday?" I typed to her, and thankfully she was still online…

To be continued…


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