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Eniola (episode 16)

"Amen! " I responded, and went offline to help my mum with the cooking.

She had finished her nap, and it was time for us to start preparing our evening meal.

That evening, she planned to make rice and stew. As a result, I washed the rice and ground the pepper for the stew. We quickly finished cooking, and it was time to eat. My mother didn't forget to pray that the culprit was caught and for God's assistance in carrying out the plan. I went to my room after we finished eating to read my books in preparation for classes tomorrow. Then we gathered to say our final prayers before retiring to bed. We did some cleaning on Saturday and went to church on Sunday. The next day was Monday. I awoke the next morning to prepare for another day of school. I was still a little worried about the plan, but something caught my attention...

"Good evening, dear. I already know what I'm going to do with the money I've been saving for about three years. I want to buy a car so that I can drive Enny to school. Getting up to trek every day to go to school must have been stressful. I'll drive her and her best friend, Sade, to school. Please, honey, I will send you the money, and you will assist me in adding the rest. You can bring it with you whenever you come home. I'd like to buy a Toyota Corolla." This is a message from my mother to my father. I was shocked! I was moved down to tears when I saw the message. I didn't know that my mum could do that for me. I was really grateful, and this skyrocketed my love and respect for my mum. I didn't want her to know that I had seen the message, so I quickly dropped her phone and bade her farewell to go to school. She greeted me with a smile and gave me extra money for school that day. She said that my friend and I should board a bike to school. Sade and I hailed down a bike, and we got to school early.

We were able to join other prefects to coordinate the junior students. I said a word of greetings to Martins too. " I will narrate everything to him once all these things are over," I concluded. Seconds roll into hours and hours into days. It was soon Thursday. I was happy that I would be meeting Anty peace. She is also a coordinator for the Human Rights Club in many other schools. Some schools had their club meetings on Monday and Tuesdays while ours was Thursday which is why she is always around on Thursdays. We commenced with the regular club meeting. We did our presentations, but a quote from a junior girl's presentation struck a chord with me. The quote from Mark Anthony goes thus, "And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back." I noted the quote; because it's powerful. I decided that my FEARS would not hold me back from obtaining JUSTICE. We ended the club meetings, and I went to meet Anty peace. She explained to me that her husband had already told her about everything.

" Don't worry, Enny. You will be fine. I will also be there for the plan. You can do this, girl! Right? " she inquired. " Yes, ma. I can and I will." I responded. "That's the spirit!" She declared. She had to go because she had other things to do. I thanked her and went back to my class. Some Health inspectors were coming, so the bell was rung for quick general sanitation. As a perfect, I coordinated the junior students, and we were able to tidy up the whole school compound just before the Health officials from the ministry arrived.

To be continued…


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