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Eniola (episode 17& 18)

As a perfect, I coordinated the junior students and we were able to tidy up the whole school compound just before the Health officials from the ministry arrived.

The school was in good condition, and the ministry inspectors were impressed. The school ended on a high note, and it was soon time to return home. Everyone was in a good mood. I appear to be the only one caught in the middle of everything. "Will everything go as planned tomorrow?" I questioned myself. "Yes, indeed! It certainly will. I am fiery and fierce ..." I reflected on what the junior student had said earlier in the club meeting. While walking home, I encouraged myself. I did not accompany Sade, my friend, today.

She had to drop by her mum's shop to pick up something. As a result, we couldn't go together. I told her about the plan already. I knew that I was advised against that by the cops, but I didn't feel it was right not to tell her since she was my friend and already involved from the beginning. The school library was being restructured, and as the library prefect, Martins and some other teachers went to purchase new books in the library. So I didn't get to see much of him. I got home quickly, and my mother had not yet returned, so I decided to do my chores. I didn't wash my uniform because I wasn't going to school the next day. I decided to wash it over the weekend.

I kept thinking about the quote I had heard the junior student recited earlier, and it helped keep me calm. I was confident that everything would go as planned the next day. My mother quickly returned from work, and we began cooking. As usual, we prayed, and I went to my room. My mother was probably stressed out, so she didn't bother discussing the plan the next day. Mr. Kelvin has already informed my mother that he, his wife, and two other police officers in civilian attire will arrive at our house by 9 a.m. The cops were dressed casually so that they wouldn't be identified, and our plan was revealed to anyone, especially the perpetrator. I told Sade yesterday that I wouldn't be at school the next day.

She asked why, and I explained that I had to do some things. I already told her about the plan, but in order to be careful, I didn't reveal the date. The next day, I was surprised to hear someone knock, and it turned out to be Sade's mother. I led her in a while, calling my mother. "Good morning, ma." My mother greeted her as she entered. "Good morning. I apologize for arriving at your house so early this morning, ma." She responded. "It's not a problem. Hope all is fine? What about Sade?" My mother inquired. "She's fine." She informed me that Enny would not be attending school today. So, I decided to check up on her, and besides that, I had something to discuss with you regarding the plan. Sade told me everything." she responded.

I felt slightly betrayed. "Why would Sade tell her mother what I told her privately?" But... I wasn't really mad. She wouldn't hide that from her mother. And it's ok; they are like family. My mother had already guessed that I was the one who told my friend. "Yes, What about it?" My mother responded. "Ma, can't we just forget about all of this and move on?" Consider Enny. Her standing! Her esteem!" When people find out what happened." She stated. My mother was clearly taken aback. I could see the look on her face that said, "Why are you suddenly saying this now? Were we not all in agreement to fight for justice? Aren't you the one calming me down and encouraging me not to relent in our fight for the truth?"

"Enny's reputation has nothing to do with this; she has done nothing wrong. She is the victim. My friend, I completely understand you. However, she has done nothing that she would be blamed for." My mum responded. I completely agree with my mother. I didn't do anything wrong that I should be held accountable for. We live in a society that has a "Blame the victim" mentality. But that should not deter us from seeking justice. Sade's mother didn't seem to understand what my mother and I were saying. She insisted that we just let everything go, run some tests to make sure I was fine, and then forget about it. My mum and I were beginning to get worked up…

"Forget about what? I never expected that you would be the one saying something like this, my friend. You are asking us to remain silent so that the culprit will be strengthened and continue hunting down other girls. What if your daughter is the next victim?" My mother yelled angrily. My mother is not a bad person, and she does not wish harm to others. But she was already upset, which was why she said that. "It could never be my child! It isn't possible! David is not going to..." She came to a halt in the middle and made a face as if she had let herself out. "What will David not do?" My mother inquired. It was in the middle of my mother's inquiry that Mr. Kelvin, Anty peace, and the two cops stepped in.

Episode 18

"Good morning," Anty peace, her husband, and the two other cops said together. "Good morning," my mother and I said. Sade's mother appears unsettled and is unable to return the greeting. "What will David refuse to do?" My mother went on. "Emmm… What I mean is... David..." She stumbled. At this point, I was extremely curious. David is Sade's cousin, as everyone knows. He is a notorious young man, and his parents were forced to send him to live with Sade and her family in order for him to be removed from the environment in which he could interact with his bad friends.

Sade's father was opposed to him staying with them, but her mother pleaded with him. Sade had always made an effort to keep her way to get out of him. He is rarely seen because he is either out drinking or having fun with girls. I didn't get to see much of him, but I remember him being tall and huge and always wearing a face cap that covered almost all of his face, so I'm not sure how he looks. "Yes, that is all! So, what does he have to do with what's going on... Tall? Huge? Yes, that is all! However, the perpetrator is also..." "It cannot be. It isn't possible." I tried to persuade myself.

The atmosphere was already tense, and Mr. Kelvin felt compelled to inquire. "Who is this David you're referring to?" he inquired. "He is... I apologize. Sade has not returned home since the previous day." Sade's mother responded. "But you said she was already in school. What exactly happened? What happened to her?" My mother inquired. "She hasn't returned home since the previous day. She has Bern abducted!" Her mother declared. "What gave you the impression that she was kidnapped? Have you looked everywhere for her?" One of the cops inquired. "I just have a strong feeling! That's all, "She stated.

"Madam, I will advise you to be truthful with us at this point. Who is David, and why do you think your daughter has been kidnapped?" The cop inquired once more, with everyone looking curiously at Sade's mother. At that point, I was also perplexed. I didn't go home with Sade yesterday because she had to stop by her mother's shop. "So, what happened to my friend and why is she missing? Why did her mother lie and say she was already in school?" I paused. "But why did you tell us she was already in school?" my mother inquired.

"I apologize. The problem is..." She started. "Yes, ma'am. You need to tell us the truth. We are here to assist you as cops. Tell us the whole truth so that we can do that." The other cop, who had remained silent throughout, stated. "Yes. I will. I sincerely apologize. David is my nephew and Sade, my daughter's cousin." She started."All right? " Mr. Kelvin replied. "Sade told me everything about your plan, and I believe he overheard her while she did. I had no idea what that had to do with him until he called in yesterday to say that Sade was already in his custody and I needed to talk you out of your plan if I ever wanted to see my daughter again. That's why I came here to say everything. Believe me; I don't mean them." She lamented. "Oh… My friend! I understand what you're saying. You must have declared that he would not do that to your daughter out of fear that she was in his custody. But is he the perpetrator or someone in his gang? And how do we save her?" My mother replied."Does David have a scar on his forehead?" I couldn't stop myself from asking at that point. "Yes! Why do you inquire?" Her mother responded. "It's him! David is the perpetrator! He is tall, huge, and bears a scar on his forehead. And he now has Sade. He's the one." I outrightly declared.

Everyone was perplexed at first, and it took a few moments to piece everything together. The silent cop stated, "You have a valid point. He fits the description, and now there's the kidnapping. David is now our primary suspect. We need to figure out how to get Sade back as soon as possible." Everyone seemed to understand his point, and we agreed that we had already abandoned the plan. And, in fact, we did because we had a key suspect. "Our main concern is getting my friend back and apprehending David so we can figure out why he did everything he did." I pondered.

Sade's mum was asked to leave our house, and the cop left with Aunty peace and her husband like she was successful in convincing us. In case he was watching.

To be continued...


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