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Eniola (episode 19& 20)

Sade's mum was asked to leave our house and the cop left with Aunty peace and her husband like she was successful in convincing us. In case he was watching.

My mother and I were the only ones left. I was quite concerned about my friend's safety. "I am confident that Sade will be alright now that we have done what we have to." I tried to console myself by saying. We will be contacted when David calls. Mr. Kelvin called us later that evening to tell us that David had already called Sade's mother, assuming we had abandoned our plan. He promised to bring her back the next day and cautioned that if there was any foul play, he would grab her back. "Sade's mum had assured him that he need not worry, as we had already abandoned our plan. She told him that she was able to convince us." He narrated. My mother and I were relieved, and we hoped that everything would go smoothly the next day. Sade will be returned safely, and David will be apprehended by the police. The next day had finally arrived. We couldn't go out with the officers because David would be suspicious if he was watching us.

We learned that evening that Sade had been found, but David had been hurt while attempting to flee. He was unable to flee and was apprehended by the authorities. He will be tried in accordance with the law. We had Sade's mother's full support now that we had her daughter back. She allowed the cop into David's room at her residence. The police found a lot of drugs and even a gun in his room. "I am to blame. I shouldn't have given him much freedom and neglected all these things that he had been doing." Sade's mum expressed her sadness. "Please forgive me, Enny. All of this would not have happened to you if I hadn't overlooked his wrongdoing. I sincerely apologize." She begged me. "It's fine, ma. I'm aware of everything. You have my forgiveness. I'm just relieved that he's been arrested before committing any more crimes. My mother already took me for a test, and I was declared okay. I forgive you, ma," I responded.

We were all relieved that the situation had finally been addressed. Sade also expressed regret for leaking the plot. We were still working on David's case when his mother approached Sade's mother and told her that she should persuade me to drop the charges against her son and she would take him back home. It was her mother who told us the story after she had refused and convinced his mother that he needed to pay for what he had done and that by the time he returned, he would have changed for the better. She pledged not to abandon him and pay him frequent visits in jail. David was eventually sentenced to fifteen years in prison for rape, drug addiction, and kidnapping.

We were relieved that JUSTICE had finally been served. That night, my mother and I prayed and praised God. After that, recalling Martins and others, I questioned my mother, "Will I be totally welcomed into society, given what has occurred?"

Episode 20 (Final)

After that, recalling Martins and others, I questioned my mother, "Will I be totally welcomed into society, given what has occurred?" "Yes, my dear. You certainly will. You weren't even out in the first place. You did nothing wrong. You are the victim who chose to speak up, and you are now a role model to other girls who have been through similar experiences but have chosen to remain silent. You are courageous, dear. I am so proud of you." She responded. "Awwwww. Thank you so much, Mum." I said, almost in tears.

"Yes, dear. And... I already told your dad everything. He is also proud of you. My car will be here soon, and I will be driving you to school." She replied. "Thank you so much, Mum. I love you." I said as I hugged her. Her words have greatly encouraged me; I am a victor, not merely a victim. "I went through everything like Anty peace, and I'm still here to tell my story," I admitted. It was exactly as I said. Because of David's prosecution and everything, everyone was already aware of it. I was given the opportunity to speak to the girls in my club as well as the entire school during the assembly.

Anty Peace saw the bigger picture and connected us with an NGO called "Indomitable women foundation," with whom I collaborated to establish a club that campaigns against rape and empowers girls to be the best version of themselves. Not only was I involved, but so were Martins and Sade. Martins is a guy who is passionate about the rights of girls. He considers himself a feminist.

We also collaborated with our former club, "The Human Rights," which is led by Anty Peace. As usual, we began our club meeting on Thursday with our words of affirmation, "And one day, she discovered that she was fierce..."


📍Choosing to remain silent after any form of abuse empowers the perpetrator even more; do not do so.

📍You should never underestimate anyone. If you suspect someone is behaving strangely, seek clarification.

📍Do not reveal your plans to anyone, especially if they are confidential, as this could jeopardize them.

📍Never keep things from your parents because they will later assist you in resolving your problems.

PS: Feel free to add more in the comments section.

Thank you for reading till the end!🤗

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