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Eniola - 4

"Is he going to tell me that he likes me? Not right now! If that's the case, he should have said it before what happened. Nobody should adore me since I don't deserve it." All of this went through my head.

"I really like you, Eniola. I haven't known how to tell you all this time, which is why I've been making gestures, but I'm not sure if you've noticed." He said while trying to avoid me noticing how embarrassed he was." Do you feel the same way?" He inquired once more. I looked up at the ceiling, then down, then back up at the ceiling, as if expecting an answer. I admire his courage, I mean, I just like everything about him, but he wouldn't be saying these things if he knew what had happened.

"Are you with me, Eniola?" He wanted to make sure I had heard everything he said."Of course, I'm with you." I replied. "Do you feel the same way, Enny?" He asked, his face pleading as if begging me to say yes."Martins, you're just... a friend; I don't like you. I simply regard you as one of my friends. Nothing else." I lied to him. I'm hoping he didn't notice my stuttering. I stammer whenever I lie."But I thought you did, Eniola. I can tell you like me, and…." He was trying to get the truth out of me, he said."I don't think so. You've most likely misunderstood." I said this while turning away from him so he wouldn't notice my sad expression.

"I assumed you did. I'm..." "You need to get going because mama will be here soon. I don't want her to have the wrong impression." As I was already feeling guilty, I said."But... OK, I'll get going," he said as he walked away. 'Martins!' "Yes, would you like to tell me anything?" What's the matter with me? Is it my intention to tell him the truth? No, I'm afraid I can't. He will despise me if he finds out."No, it's nothing." I lied. "But why do I get the impression you're hiding something from me?"I'm not. Bye!" I said as I quickly shut the door behind him.

I waited a few moments before opening the door to make sure he was gone. I sat down and burst into tears."I really like him; I really like him a lot. But once he discovers what happened, he will despise me. Everyone will despise me." In my mind, I said. Bang! Bang! I hear the door knock. That must be mama. Thank goodness she didn't come here when Martin was around. She dislikes seeing guys around me. When I opened the door, it was mama."Good evening, ma." I stated as I took her bag from her."How are you doing? Good evening" She stated. "I'm fine, ma," I say. I replied."Are you sure? This one that you look like you haven't eaten in days, "She replied.

African mothers and their ways of expressing concern. That's why I'm hesitant to tell her what happened. Mama is going to blame me; I know it."Why did you go down that road? Why didn't you call for assistance?" She will say all of these things once she discovers the truth. "Mama, I'm fine." I responded to her." OK, oo. Go to Mama Chika's shop and buy me some tomatoes. "She said this while taking money from her purse." OK, ma."I took the money from her and proceeded to mama's Chika's shop.

To be continued.


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