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Eniola - 6

Me: I am scared. I don't want to tell him that I like him and then he finds out about what happened and decides to leave me.

Sade: You don't need to be afraid, my dear. Yes, I have an idea as well. I'll tell you tomorrow at school.

Me: Okay, dear. I have to leave now. I need to assist mama in the kitchen.

Sade: Okay, fine. See you tomorrow, sweetheart. I turned off my phone and went into the kitchen to assist mama."Eniola, are you sure you don't want to tell me anything?" Mama inquired, her eyes wide with interest. "No way, mama. Everything is fine." I replied with a smile, assuring her that everything was fine. "Okay, help me wash and fry this meat," she said as she handed me the meat.

"Okay, ma." I continued by assisting mama with the dinner, and then I washed the plate before it was time to eat. I was serving the food, and it was mama's turn to say the prayers that night, as we usually alternate.

"In Jesus' name, our heavenly Father, we thank you for the provision of the food and the grace to prepare the meal," mama began her prayers. We pray that you touch all of our lives and give us the strength and grace to trust and communicate with those around us so that they can assist us in whatever we are going through. Please help those who do not have enough. Amen? " Amen!" I responded as I reflected on the unusual line in my mother's prayers about making people open up and such. I hoped she didn't notice the message because this type of prayer is unusual for her.

I packed the plate after we finished eating. When Daddy called, I went into my room to read in preparation for tomorrow's class, as I had already skipped school today. I went through the work and attempted to read it up in preparation for tomorrow. I went into my room, and after I finished reading, Mama and I gathered to pray. Her prayers sounded strange that night as well. She was praying for me obsessively, which was unusual for her. I reasoned that it was because she saw how sad I was today. I went to bed. The next day (Tuesday), I awoke and prepared to go to school. We said our morning prayers as mama prepared to leave and I prepared to leave for school. I got up early to avoid staying late like the previous miserable day, and I went with my best friend, Sade.

"Good morning, sweetheart," I said as I greeted her that morning as we passed through the normal route to school. Not the one I passed on Friday. "Good morning," she said. "You mentioned yesterday that you wanted to talk to me."Yes, I... "

To be continued…


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