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Eniola (episode 7)

"You mentioned yesterday that you wanted to talk to me." "I was thinking about conducting an investigation.

We can't let the perpetrator get away with what he did to you." She stated. "No!" What happens if we discover an investigation and find the culprit? We must turn him in, and everyone will hear about what happened and mock me." I responded. "Not at all, Eniola. We must confront the demon who has done this to you. We are not going to let him go free after what he did to you." "Sade, no. Leave him alone. What happened is something I don't want anyone to know about." "Eniola, you should know you're not to blame... "

"You are to blame, Enny. Why did you pass through that desolate area? Why didn't you get up earlier to prepare for school? When they find out, everyone will say that." Sade, I said, as I cut her short."You are not at all to blame, Enny. Everyone will recognize that it is not your fault." She encouraged me to speak up. "Let's get to school first. We will talk about that later." We walked quickly because we were running late, but we were so engrossed in our conversation that we were walking slowly. When we arrived at school, the Assembly was still going on. We joined the Assembly. Martins, Sade, and I both served as prefects. Martins serves as the Library prefect Sade as the Sanitation perfect, and I serve as the Health prefect.

We were expected to arrive at school on time every day, which explains why I was attempting to arrive early on Friday. We quickly dropped our bags and joined the other prefects in carrying out our responsibilities. Martins was probably late to school because I didn't see him that morning.

We finished our tasks and went straight to class. Because we were Finalists, extra lessons were planned for us in addition to our regular classes. As a result, some teachers skip our classes in the hope that they will make up for it in the afternoon classes. What an Irony! Extra classes were created to increase our learning time, but some teachers take advantage of the opportunity to slack off on their responsibilities. Mrs. Williams, our Biology teacher, is one of those teachers. The woman is so preoccupied with her supply business that she rarely comes in on Tuesdays because her classes are in the morning.

We SS3 students are not slacking off, but we have made it a point to read when she is not present in order to prepare for our WASSCE and, of course, gist. Martins walked into class that morning with one of his friends, Tom, and went straight to their seats. He had to pass through my seat to get to his, but he completely avoided my gaze. "He must be devastated by the rejection. I had already given him indications that I liked him, and of course, I did." I thought to myself. "Did you notice how Martins avoided looking at me, Sade? Is he upset with me?" I asked my best friend, who sat next to me. "No, I don't believe so. He's not going to be. I'm sure he realizes you're not being truthful. He told me something about not giving up on you on something, "She responded.

"Are you sure?" I inquired, surprised. "Yes," she confirmed. "Should I just tell him the truth, Sade?" I enquired about my best friend. "You ought to." She responded. "I'm not sure; it'll be strange. I really shouldn't." I responded. "Then why did you ask me?" she asked. "I'm not sure... " I replied. "Enny, let's just read," she said. "All right, dear," I responded. I couldn't read anything. I was secretly looking at Martins. I'll look down whenever he raises his head from his book. "Is he upset with me? Is he going to stop talking to me?" All of these thoughts ran through my head. By 11 a.m., a teacher had finally entered our classroom. It's our Chemistry teacher. As is customary, he discussed the past question with us after the regular classes…

To be continued…


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