Essential Basic Life Skill (skill Set 11)

Coping with Emotions...Teaching teens to cope with emotions will allow them to see both sides of a situation. Coping and self-management skills that you could teach your teenagers are mentioned:

· Self-management or control allows them to set the pace for how they react to different situations, people, and things in life.

 · Teens will have to cope with loneliness and being away from their loved ones when they go to college. It can be a difficult time for them if they do not learn how to deal with the change.

 · Avoiding impulsive decisions that can have severe consequences, mostly negative.

 · Managing feelings in a healthy way. Teach your teen to think and act rather than react. Reactions can result in negative consequences, but thoughtful action seldom does.

 ·  As an adult, your teen will have to deal with stress at work, home, personal relationships, etc. Coping with stress is an important skill you should help your teen acquire.

 · A critical skill that you should help your teenager with is accepting their emotions. Tell them that no emotion is bad or good, and it is okay to feel happy, sad, afraid, angry, aroused, silly, jealous, and even guilty. The trick is not to dwell on a particular emotion. 

· Teach them different ways to deal with their emotions, such as physical activity, meditation, listening to music, or just talking about it. 

· Spirituality can also help in coping with major life changes.

 ·   Remember, teenage brains are going through a major change. Therefore, empathize with them where possible and understand that they are still learning to manage emotions and stay calm.

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