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Hey, you I understand you've been searching for answers, trying to unravel the mystery called life. Here's the deal beloved, life is meant to be a journey, hence it should be taken once step at a time. Take your time to read this piece and let me show you how.

All these years, I had been searching. Slowly, yet Oh! So steadily that I was drifting into depression. Trying to unravel this puzzle called life, seeking to know the very end right from the beginning. Then it hit me. Illumination came, and now I know; No Beloved!! You can't figure life out all at once (Take it or leave it)

I have realized that I can't figure out my life at once. I can't understand the hows and whys of life. There are going to be times when the heaviness of it all; my responsibilities, my job, my family, my friends, my "what's next " is going to overwhelm me. Life is already so puzzling, and I refuse to exhaust myself fretting about what's in the future when I can't even live today.

So, I have decided to live for the little things. I have decided to live for the tiny goals, the small dreams that I carry. I can live for these little posts I make here in my own small space and for the chapters of my book, I'm still writing. I can live believing that there's a purpose for which God brought me here. I can live for Sundays when the word of God comes flowing out, bringing alongside succor and peace that knows no limits. Sometimes, I live for the movie recommendations my roomie always brings me (she's such a sweet soul); For the exams that come periodically too, and even tho I don't perform as expected, it's okay; I try again next time!

When I live for these tiny things, I realize that I am trying my best in what I can do now so I can live for the greater things too. It's good to envision a better picture, but it's necessary not to miss out on the present, too, while making preparations for a brighter future. Life is pretty easier, yunno, when we just 📌Learn to trust God completely and; 📌 Take things one step at a time! Please, I hope you remember this when the noise gets too much up there!!

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