Ever Beloved Mum

A dirge for my late mum... My plan was to wait for a very long period so my bereaved heart could be consoled and get relieved to a considerable extent before I scribble down how difficult it was for me to bear your loss, but earlier enough, I've come to realize that no matter the number of decades I decide to wait, it would only be impossible to get healed of the pain your departure had caused, and this is in view of the immeasurable wonders you passionately had performed during the course of your maternal struggle on earth, most times, you would leave me with reasons why I should consider you as God but in a woman form.

How I wish you never loved and sacrificed everything for us the way you did, at least it would have been much easier to get over any form of sting your death might procure, but then your affection was beyond measure; you made us abide under the cover of your rigid pinion, you almost made us believe there was nothing called hunger, suffering and sorrow, though you only had little, out of your abundant love, you made us feel so relaxed that we thought we were on the top of the world.

I must not forget the last time you were left with almost nothing when I walked up to you and with the intention of easing your struggle, I discussed to detail why you shouldn't worry about me; I promised to sort myself out and help you in assisting my other siblings too, I was fortunate enough to realize my action would prompt your tears to roll, so I swiftly grasped your fingers so you wouldn't allow that, regardless of how open the market was, you did not hesitate to make me go on my knees in the front of everyone, you render me your blessings and fervently lifted up the voice of your supplication on my behalf, thereafter you gave me a promising look that everything would be fine.

From that day hitherto, a meaning was added to my life, and I was resolved to purposely bring you out from anything that has to do with misery; I wanted you to relax in a serene environment so that the fruit of your labor could be better enjoyable, I also discussed this with God, so he could make the plan a reality someday, but as fate would have it, you died during the process, I knew I was not only made to despair but to remain pained throughout my stay here on earth.

Yet, interestingly, before you departed, you already trained my hands for war and my fingers for battle, and now, I promise never to disappoint you, I know I shouldn't have made this public, but I'm resolved to tell about you to the whole world, you're incomparable, you're not just a mother, you're a god, I'll till eternity be grateful for everything Mum, and even as I write this with tears today, I pray your soul rest in power, Mum, be reminded that the standard you've set is unbeatable.

I love you, Mum; we love you, THE VALUED AND EVER GRACIOUS WOMAN.

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