Evicted Cast

A sad story of love...It took over two years; Before I got you to say yes; Then like a wildfire;

It took over two years
Before I got you to say yes

Then like a wildfire
You embarked to burn my desire

Like a bright moonlight 
Everything felt true and right

Until the very evening
Your action became sickening

No words or any explanation
None that deserves consideration

You gladly put off the fire 
And strangled my desire

Now I'm suffocating in the pain
Of dire disappointment once again 

After the promise of always loving me
You left like you never loved me

Regardless of the weather 
I thought it was going to last forever

But I guess I was not good enough
Perhaps, what we shared wasn't strong enough 

So, I finally know that the die is cast
Unfortunately, I am the evicted cast

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