A little summary of what excellence is and what it's not...I heard it's a journey, not a destination; I heard it is doing those stuff, not indulging in procrastination;

I heard it's a journey, not a destination
I heard it is doing those stuff, not indulging in procrastination
It is doing it till it is flawless, till it attains perfection

It is intentional, dismissing the average formula
It is doing those things that are pending,
Rising above those excuses that are unending
It is meeting up with deadlines without pressure
It is making your passion become your pleasure
It is breaking your own record and setting up another
It is picking up those little necessities and putting it in order

It is waking up every day to do something better than yesterday
It is getting those words into rhymes
It is putting those creative images into lines.
It is transforming those little steps into the magic of dance

It is getting those arrays of colors into art
It is adding passion to those extraordinary ideas and involving your heart.

Excellence is more than the thinking, it is the redoing, it is the fixing but more than anything, first you have to start

Excellence begins with the mind and then you can utilize what your hands can find
The journey of excellence brings you to its destination
Only through your fierce determination.
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