Exports Chapter Five

A bit of a throwback to move forward...Omniscient narrator. What was the business? What was this source of income that required criminal corporation? A business that had ended the lives of many, black or white, it didn’t give a damn about your skin color; THE GAME WAS THE GAME!

This business had started with the discovery of valuable natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa; this liquid had turned the burning desert into a patch of the continent as valuable as the mines of South Africa or the large expanse of the Congo, the most exposed individual from the region were suddenly very important, this liquid deemed worthless by the illiterate, unexposed communities living in this large expanse of dry land would be exploited beyond measure for many decades.

But with great suffering comes great learning, and like the slaves of Latin and Central America, they would grab a thing or two from their oppressor and, by the dawn of the new century, were harnessing this liquid for their personal use, this boom would enable the few lucky individuals who could connect abroad reach levels of unimaginable affluence, it came at a cost, The Bloody Battles, The Sign Wars and Shoot at Sight Riots would cost the lives of thousands, both home and abroad, as more wealth was gained, more gangs were formed, every aggrieved second-in-command would break away and form a new group, offering a lower price to the market and the market kept increasing.

On the home front, the foremost family in the business would come to be known as the EJIOFOR FAMILY (those that keep their word); in a business where betrayal was normal, they maintained a successful ongoing tradition that refused to compromise even on the penalties of heavy economic loses and even death. They always kept their word.

The family patriarch, Pa EJIOFOR, was a ruthless soldier for one the earliest white discoverers of this Oasis of wealth, and he served loyally; trained in combat by professionals, he rose to become the go-to man for the largest criminal organization in sub-Saharan Africa, but then the Don died, and the top man watched as his family and soldier fought for every piece of wealth they could lay their hands on, kicking off the very first continental war the business would undergo. He would escape with an injured arm and a permanently blind left eye. But more importantly, with the greatest lesson the business would ever have, establishing a group of low-rejected soldiers after the wars, he would use the last penny he earned to establish a Creed “we only have our words to give, else we are nothing” and they meant it, within a few years they had transformed the little piece of the valley they had secured during the wars into the biggest exporters of liquid, the fairest negotiators and honesty succeeds even in criminality, as they grew others inevitably dwindled, some fought open combats, but it was now futile to challenge their economic power, and thus by the time he died Pa EJIOFOR had become the most revered persona on the home front.

His legacy would last for more than three generations; through wars and droughts, through boycotts and sabotages, the EJIOFOR family had their word and only their word to give.

With the mass expeditions to Europe to take over the business, drastic changes were now needed; the days of reputation were fast coming to an end as each family tried to station branch in the big apple so as to gain full control of both production and exportation of the liquid. The family reacted a bit late, and by the time they came to, most foreign customers were already out of business, stagnation, and economic recession were inevitable, and most of their reserves were sold off at auction price, but the EJIOFOR name still remained a mythological name for perfection in the business, as the family scattered, the linage would be lost and several war Lords much like the Khan name claimed the mythological name or tried to marry into the name just for legitimacy.

After the Shoot-at-Sight riot established The Emperor (Papa) as the undisputed distributor in the western front, he sought to establish a connection to the glorious old days; amongst his many alleged descendants, Kevin would prove to be the most legitimate and brought in to join the business as a favor for the old golden days in the western front.

He would prove to be more than just a figurehead, establishing important contacts, solving several logistics issues, and keeping it calm and cool. He would be promoted to Don’s personal adviser and, within a few years, would get an offshore organ to manage; the lineage, it seems, was still intact.

Everyone was absorbed, it was night, and we were all staring at one particular thing. Its tires seemed ridiculously old, the flashing light broke into the night like a hot knife through butter, and a sense of sudden gasp filled my nostrils; Junior was suddenly twinkle-eyed, everyone was alert, it was Kevin’s yellow car, Kevin was back.

There were many questions, where have you been? What have you been doing? Have you seen the busts? But none of them mattered now, who had this lauded EJIOFOR surname; that was the most important thing for now.

As soon as he stepped out of the yellow Cadillac, Junior shouted; “Who is Rose EJIOFOR?”  He seemed a bit shocked, “What did you say?”  “You heard me quite alright, I think.” He stepped into the house, moved straight, and mixed a drink; he loved this suspense; kev-boy was enjoying himself. “Well, if I did, then you just mentioned my Dead twin Sister.” War and competition are the fathers of all things, the potent source of ideas, inventions, institutions, and states. Peace is an unstable equilibrium that can be preserved only by acknowledging superiority or equality.

Will Durant 


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