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Facebook Crush.

It's social media love. Surprise, looking at my phone screen, thinking, who's that girl, and when did we become friends on this blue app (Facebook)?

After understanding nobody to give me this answer, I just scrolled to her inbox sent her a message like that, "Assalamu Alaikum, it was very pleasurable to have a girl like you amongst my friend here, you're welcome." then went directly to her profile page checked all her post, in whatever written of her's Islam teaching is the root of all the message, deeply feel shy because my mind reminded me habit most ladies have especially in social media thinking youth are flattering them just to get their attention. 

Quickly returned to my inbox tried to delete the message I had sent, but regrettably, it had already landed at her destination, and she even saw it. The phone stepped down from my hand before I kicked it with my left leg; after I took it, I saw an alert of one message, and she replied to my message, " Amin waalaikumussalam." Unknowingly smile revealed on my face " How are you? ". Expecting her not even open the message again, but after some minutes replied, "I'm fine and you?" this shows she's not arrogant as I think girls had, " your name is really beautiful but need to know its meaning." "Does the name have meaning above than it's?". "Yeah!." she went offline without noticing my reply.

Since that time checking her profile has become my everyday work, but sadly, I spend more than five days before one-day morning; like always after breakfast, my next schedule is to check my Facebook newsfeed; I just saw her reply, " I don't know, and nobody asked me questions like that." "Uhm, they fear your reaction; that's why nobody asked you." "Hmm, you're joking, man; nowadays, guys don't value girls; they even consider us liabilities in relationships." " I can't say no because maybe you experience similar issues to your statements." "No wonder you're defending your gender; let's call it a day. I have something to do". " OK. " She went offline. 

All her statements in our discussion glanced on my mind, thinking if it was true or just accusations without any reason. In the evening, 8:30 as I opened my Facebook, saw her online, sent her greetings, then asked her evidence she had to prove accusations made during our morning discussions " Hmm, if doubting, ask other girls in your locality, I assure you the same statement." "OK. " 

Changed the conversation by asking her, "where are you from? ". " Facebook. " "I mean state and town you liven? ". "OK, I'm from Nguru in Yobe State." " That's good; I just heard the name but am interested in visiting it one day." "You heard mine; it is your turn." " I'm from Azare local government in Bauchi state." " That's good. " " Nice to meet you, Ummu." " You're a welcome, man." 

I got a network problem necessary log out of Facebook back to my other business. Throughout the Afternoon thinking, Ummu covered whole my heartfelt connected to her deeply got to rest after became busy in our shop till closing hours after returned back home finished eating my lunch as my mother sitting beside me she saw like something went wrong on me " Aliyu you're not a boy, better be courageous for every obstacle faced in your life. And then prayer is the key of any success connected with action my son. May Allah bless you ". "Thank you, mommy, proud of you." 

I went out for a visit to my friend's shop, seated for about four hours after Maghrib prayer returned back to our quarters charted till Insha prayer, as always after Insha to me this day activities closed went my room lay down on bed take my phone switched to the blue app, feel sad because Ummu is not online even though sent her offline message told her to reply when came online. Entire the night, she was offline, and that touched my heart deeply; I quickly went to her Facebook to see whether she had written her phone number there, but the space was empty it worse my night through decorations of sadness in this situation sleep snatched me. 

Morning is different because of the situation. I slept, ate little food my heart argued. One side gave me the courage to check maybe she was online, and another challenge how I left a girl we had just met on social media ruining my happiness; due to the strongness of side encouraging on my data went directly to her inbox saw her replies pardoning for her absence yesterday night due to her inconveniences, that message makes my heart feel unexplained happiness, unknowingly mommy entered my room found me sitting beside my bed full of smiles "Aliyu what's happened?". "Nothing, just checking pictures of my friends." "OK, when will you go out? ". " After finished sending this message. "take this, is your father things he forgot it." She walked out of the room; I told Ummu that we would continue our discussions and switch off the data after arriving shop.

I walked to the market; it took me a short time to arrive; after finished mopping as always, I switched on my data and found she was still online " you're still online." "Yeah!, waiting for you to come back". I smiled " OK, I need to ask for your number because when you're offline, I can check on you through it." " frankly speaking, I don't share my number with those I don't know physically because of the reason I only know but give me some time to think about it. Please don't mind ". Even though her statements saddened me, the ways, she explained them made me understand them. "OK, no problem, I hope you think positively " "Hmm, Insha Allah. " "Let's meet at another time." "Thank you. " 

Eagerly thinking, will she give the number? And how do I feel if I decide not to give the number? In the end, understanding and knowing the answer to these questions is after one of them happens. Looking at the way her social media activities are not always sometimes even spending weeks offline, and it happened this time, after five days, she appeared online quickly sent her message " You're welcome, tired waiting you for days. Thank God you're now online". "Hmm, thanks. I appreciate your concern." "It's my pleasure to fulfill your promise."

She replied, stopping all veins of my body, feeling like my legs would not take the weight of my body. You'd be surprised if I told you her marriage invitation appeared on my phone screen. I took time before attaching all my strengths. "What's that? ". "I'm sorry to say, my marriage is next month, and you're invited." I had no words to explain the situation she had inserted into my life; tears started falling from my chubby face; I quickly blocked her then uninstalled all social media apps from my phone.

It took me a long time before I stepped out of her love dilemma. 

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