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Facts You Need To Know In Crypto

I have seen a lot of complaints going on about buying a coin immediately after it gets listed on a dex (like pancakeswap) And all of a Sudden your portfolio is down by -50% or thereabouts In this guide, I will clear you on some factors you need to consider before making a decision to trade upon listing.


Before Buying a Token Immediately Listing on A Dex - Here's What You Need to Know. Hey guys, I have seen a lot of complaints going on about buying a coin immediately it gets listed on a dex (like pancakeswap), And all of a Sudden, your portfolio is down by -50% or thereabouts. In this guide, I will clear you on some factors you need to consider before making a decision to trade upon listing. But then, let's have a clear understanding of...


Before you make up your mind to buy a token, immediately listing is announced on pancakeswap because your mindset is set to CASHOUT. You want to turn $10 to $100 in 1mins. Now, that's the same mindset everyone who is also anticipating the listing Announcement has, so, therefore, two things will occur.

1. Some will lose, and

2. Some will make a profit 

Because one has to buy the top for others to sell the top, and NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THE TOP IS 🔥 Now, here are some facts you need to consider

Fact #1 - People's Intention

Everyone just like you anticipating the listing has one mindset CASHOUT, so that means they are waiting for their greed limit to dump the market. So for that launching moment, the price will surely pump and dump rapidly.

Fact # 2. Was there a Whitelist or Private Sale?

Whitelist or Private Sale gives the opportunity to the winners to buy the token cheaper than the public sale and listing price. Now there's a total cap for this, and those who got in via whitelist are waiting to sell off their holding and rebuy during the dip. So let's say they are waiting for those who didn't get into the whitelist to buy for the price to Moon for them to dump. So as you're entering the market, others are already going out. (Some projects, in most cases, will freeze Whitelist tokens for a certain period of time before releasing)

Fact # 3. Crypto Sniper Bot

Some gurus use sniper bots. This works magically, it gives the owner the opportunity to set a buy order, limit order, and take profit order in pancakeswap, which normally isn't supposed to be so In a dex, so they use this tool to get a quick entry and exit with good profit. Which automatically cancels out normal swap order with normal slippage. This is the handwork of high-tech whales.

Fact #4. Whales & Bull Effects.

It can be dependent or independent whales or bulls.

Dependent - means they were arranged by the project team

Independent - they came on their own

These whales make a buy order with huge capital, which immediately moon the price of the newly listed token. You can only see this action via a dextool (like poocoin).

So you have to take cognizance when they enter the market because their entry provides huge liquidity and affects the price. And also, when they pull out, the price impact becomes negative. So to play smart, you should enter the market by listing before them and leaving before them.  

In Summary

Upon listing everyone has a single mindset, let's make instant profit and CASHOUT. Meanwhile, it will be a mixture of natural and manipulation (from the team or independent people with big capital). The goal is to make fast money, so if you're not smart, don't take the risk. It happens in many projects; it even happens in major Cex listing too. We will advise don't buy the top, but then we don't actually know where the top is 😂😂 Hope you got value 🔥🎉 I Am not a financial adviser, just sharing my experience to educate the novice. Always do your own research before going into any business.

Good luck.

Waris Eko.

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