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Fading Crush

Crushes are very normal for anyone. But if it's taken so far as to poison an individual for having a crush, do not be saddened. Crushes are not forever.

Stewart was speaking to me. We had to work on a project assigned to us last week, and we hadn't done anything yet. He wanted us to get started on it, which I also wanted to do, but he walked in. KC is tall, fair, handsome, and has a sturdy frame. He's a social animal, making him friendly with almost everyone, not just in our department. He's intelligent too. At the beginning of the semester, I thought I hated him. He would crowd my every waking thought, and whenever I saw him or he walked into a room, he would disrupt my thoughts, and all I could see was him.

It got to a point where I wondered what was so great about him. Why couldn't I notice every other guy like I do with him? He's no more special than they put together. Why? It's a question I constantly ask myself. I will get my answer later.

We were heading for lectures in the same building. Everyone was rushing to get the front seat or whatever they were rushing for because most of them ran that way, only to sit somewhere at the back. We were pushing each other either towards the door or away from it. Someone elbowed me away from the door, and I ended up on my butt on the floor, my books scattered around me. A few of them were stepping on my books as they struggled to enter the lecture hall. I got up immediately and tried to pick up the books I could salvage. It was hopeless, to say the least. No one listened as I screamed and told them not to step on my books.

Someone elbowed the guy in front of me, and in fast-paced pidgin English, he made the person move enough for me and him to grab my books from the floor. When he stood up, I recognized him. He smiled at me and said, "Maybe next time, you should wait."

My throat was dry for the first time in weeks since I had been living off a budget in the hostel. I took my books from him and watched him leave, only to lean on a pillar close to the entrance to the lecture hall. I held my books to my chest and pretended to look at my classmates as they struggled to enter the lecture hall but instead, I was watching him from the corner of my eye. He was oblivious, of course. Just as oblivious of every girl's watchful eye, excluding mine. I noticed their gaze whenever he came in, both in admiration and lust. I don't know which group I fall in, but it obviously can't be lust.

In our second year, he had a girlfriend from the department of English and literary studies. She was this albino girl that screamed a lot, always chewing gum and wearing black shorts to school. She's always on colorful attachment, her favorite being red, ash, and purple. She's nice, though she can be mean if she finds out you've got your sights on her boyfriend. Their relationship didn't last long. They were only together for three months, and they broke up because, apparently, KC has too many admirers. Even her friends wanted the guy.

As for me, I was so happy when they broke up. I couldn't believe myself while they were dating. I stalked her to find something not nice about her, and I stalked him to see if he would get under the sheets. I made myself believe that they weren't adults yet and that they shouldn't be doing anything under the sheets. I also believed that the girl was too girly to be with someone like him. He deserves someone more studious than his girly girlfriend.

His second girlfriend was normal. She was studying medicine, and she was in her first year. I don't know how he met her. He just showed up with her one day in class, and when they asked him who she was, he told them. She looked mature and as a sense of authority around her. She's a neat freak, and sometimes, she would quarrel with him over the littlest thing. I thought they would break up faster than he and girly, but I think he likes the girl.

They lasted until after the semester ended, and she had to go to Enugu. She broke up with him over the phone during the holidays. I heard it from one of his friends. His third girlfriend was an intelligent and smart girl from the physical science department. She's studying computer science, and she's a geek. They didn't last long. He dated her for two weeks, and they broke up because he didn't know anything about programming language.

Oddly enough, he dated her friend instead. She's studying statistics, but she's the opposite of her friend. I call her Mgbeke. She dresses like this typical Nsukka person and has no qualms speaking Igbo in public. I don't like her character in the least, and I thought that KC could do better. Surely, there are better girls out there. Girls that would suit his image. Not a non-dressy female without makeup, always on sandals and lamenting about the university's worst scenarios.

Surprisingly, they lasted longer than medicine girls. He broke up with her after his fourth year. No one knew why he did. All they knew was that he had broken up with her. I was really muddled and absent-minded during their relationship. I wanted to forget about him, but I couldn't. Yet here he is, walking into class like he owned the place. Without saying anything, I left the classroom and retired to my room.

He asked me out yesterday on the phone. He had called and asked me in Igbo if I was okay and I had said yes. Then, he proceeded to say, "Do you wanna meet up? Let's see each other tomorrow and, like, talk." I was delighted. Then, I agreed to meet him. He suggested that we could meet at Chititis restaurant, and I agreed. I got there very early, dressed casually in high-waist blue jeans and a white crop top. I paired it with black sneakers. He was waiting for me, and suddenly, I wondered what we were doing at a restaurant. We sat together with his friends at a round table in the restaurant, and they were laughing boisterously while drinking. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my lap, and I looked at KC. He leaned down and said, "Do you want to get out and get some fresh air?"

I nodded. I felt out of sorts and embarrassed. Not only were we surrounded by his friends, but some of his friends were my classmates. Immediately we went outside, he grabbed me and started kissing me. I felt disgusted by the gesture. His mouth smelled of beer, and his hands were creeping over my body. I pushed him immediately, but he didn't seem to get the memo. He pushed for more, but I pushed him away firmly. "You don't want this?" he asked." I want a proper date." I said.

He laughed and said, "You thought this was a date. Come on, Emily, why will I ever date you?" "What?" I couldn't believe my ears. "Look, you couldn't keep your crush to yourself. Everyone noticed it and my friends suggested this get-together. I wanted to get over Amara. It was going to be a rebound for me and quick get-over sex for you. You've always wanted me anyway. So, my friends thought it would be easy." I was crying before he finished. I took a step closer to him, and he raised his arms as if he were trying to welcome me. But I raised my hand and slapped him.

"What is wrong with you?" he screamed.

I spat at him and left him there. I couldn't believe I had a crush on that guy for a good five years. Oddly enough, I wanted to reverse time. I wanted him to come and apologize, maybe say that something came over him and that he wanted me. I continued to go to lectures, and I ignored him and anyone that tried to pretend to sympathize with me. With time, the crush would fade, and I would be back to myself, a strong yet beautiful young Emily.

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