To make promises you cannot fulfill. Something happened just last night. And due to that, I was not able to sleep well.

I was quick to make a promise to someone. I assured her that I would make sure I fulfilled the promise no matter what it took. For real, I tried my best to do what I said. While I was still at it, everything went blank. My hands were so tight that I couldn't help anymore. And throughout the night, I was so damn worried. I was also sad because I had disappointed myself; I was angry for making the promise in the first place. I had earlier stated that it wouldn't be possible to get it done but later changed my mind for unknown reasons.

I placed myself in her shoe to know how I'd feel if someone should disappoint me. Trust me; I'd be mad. I can only imagine what she felt when I couldn't deliver. I kept waking up every hour to check if it was daybreak already so I could recharge my phone and deliver immediately.*** That incident also proved that I'm still human with conscience and sympathy for others.

Yet there are people out there who wouldn't care at all. Their conscience is so dear. I mean, how can you feel relaxed after disappointing people? Like How?

I was so pricked last night. Immediately after I delivered, I called her to apologize. Only then was I at peace with myself. *** Also, when someone isn't able to fulfill a promise, please don't be quick to call them names or start taking them as a joke. Shit happens. That person that promised you money but wasn't able to deliver, please don't blame them so much. Try to find out what happened. Hope you got my message.

Sending Love & rainwater.

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