If you really think you are a failure in life then you should try reading this and see what Yvonne pass through to become who she is today. After reading this, ask yourself, "Am I really a failure in life"?

I am Yvonne, a popular nurse in Nigeria; it wasn't always this way, but I staked a lot to be who I am today; this is my story. Being a nurse had always been my dream and goal in life after my first six years in secondary school. I sat for the West African Examination and made my papers. After a year of internship in a pharmacy, I decided to apply to the School of Nursing, but we faced lots of challenges; my parents couldn't meet up with their demands, considering the fact that I was not the only child of our parents.

I felt pained and depressed, seeing my dream work past me because of money, but they kept on reassuring me that by God's grace, I would apply next year. A year passed, and by the time I could save up to the money required, we were told that the portal had been closed for this year's registration. Yet another heartbreaking story, do I really deserve all these trials. This led to the beginning of my frustrations; I saw myself as a failure after wasting two years of my life spent on hoping and waiting, in other words, two years doing nothing. 

The thought of my classmates who had already made it to the School of Nursing made me break down countless times as it brought shame to my family, most especially mine. They tried convincing me to choose another career path since this my dream of becoming a nurse wasn't going as planned. As much as they were my parents, I didn't feel I had to drop this dream; I knew they meant good for me to succeed.

Many career opportunities came by, but my mind was already made up. I tried applying the year again after, but all to no avail 😔. Everyone, including my parents, began seeing me as a failure; they refused to support me; that night, I broke down in the river, and my tears sunk deep. I tried reconsidering their idea of choosing something else, but I was too determined to back off now. Three years since I dropped the pen but nothing to show for it, could I really be a failure to myself and my family? , Should I buy their ideas?, All these thoughts were filled in my head, but I was still determined not to give up; yes, I was stubborn 😁.

Next year was fast approaching, and I wasn't ready to give up anytime, even if it meant sterling out of my comfort zone. I again, and believe me, I wasn't so sure I'll make it after all these past failures I was able to accumulate over the years. With all hope lost and gone, I don't think nursing is really my thing anymore, but to my greatest surprise, that night, I received an email from the school of nursing, so I applied. I was granted the privilege to study nursing in one of the most popular institutions in Nigeria, and after my internship will be paid abroad. Not only was I in the top university, but I also won a scholarship outside the country; tears of joy ran down my cheeks.

Life is a journey, be ready to encounter trials and be faced with so many challenges, but all you have to do is to be determined and be able to scale through; though it may be shameful, people may mock you when you fail once but be ready to fight through it cos failure is never the end of life, consider it a new beginning. One of the mistakes people make in our society today is that they tend to give up easily. Keep trying until you achieve what you're aiming at.

Success and failure are choices we make.

Make the right choice today.


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