Falling Apart

Things fell apart when the marriage between the man and the woman because of the woman's action and the man regretted the day he propose to her and met her in the summertime

Like a joke you gave me an ordinary summon
showing that I cannot take care of Amon

If not of your perpetual injunction
I could have carried Amon from that junction

In the court you showed the judge am nothing
but that was not the thing

You even issue my brother a subpoena
and he lied that I had sex with Regina

Yes your lawyer gave me a changing order
add with a garnishee order

If I cannot meet up with the money for the keep up
I know this is why you said let's break up

I regret marrying you
I regret having a baby with you

My mom's warning was like a petition
she even told me you were into prostitution
that your had several abortion
through drinking concoction

I thought she was lying
now I believe because my heart is dying

I wish I can turn back the hands of time
I wouldn't have propose to you during that summertime

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