Family Life

Family life is one of the most interesting parts of life. What are you looking for here? Check out this article below.

There was a time when your "family life" consisted of you and your parent, sibling, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and whoever else helped raise you cared for you, and loved you. Sure, that is still the case, but as you get an order. Family life takes a whole different meaning. You are probably already thinking of a future that includes a boyfriend or a girlfriend, eventual a spouse, and maybe children. Then family life will consist of you as the caretaker and decision-maker.

So, during this phase of your life, in your late teen and early 20s, your family life will start to change. You will begin to take independence. At the same time, your parents take on less responsibility and give you more freedom. This transition is a big change for all parents and kids, even more so when a family member has a chronic illness such as a bleeding disorder.

The family man

He puts in the effort to balance their careers (at times simulating with their spouse) to be a loving, involved father. He shows his love by making sure that he has his family's needs met, unbeknownst to many. He struggles with just when his career advance at the expense of his spouse and children. As a father, you are there to make sure those values and morals are instilled into a child so that they grow up as respected individuals that are also respected by others. Father teaches their children the courage and never compromises their belief to please others. Fathers are the protection and the strength of being confident. Independent child who knows how to protest himself.


The responsibility of a father in his family

- Father is always a protector; children feel safe and secure when they have their father around

- Spending quality time

- Teaching discipline

- Involve in the studies

- Opens up the world for the kids

- Unconditional love

- Teaching accountability

The responsibility of a mother in the family

- Family bonding

- Instills trust and security

- Strongest emotional bond with the child

- Be kind, loving, and caring

- Child's behavioral development

- Be thoughtful and sensitive

- Giving proper environment for the right development

Three (3) things that make a family leaked healthy

  • Affection

A healthy family helps one another when they need it. They also keep their promise to support one another and show affection when they are together. A worm embraces, a squeeze of the bond, or a pat on the back all are a gesture that speaks love and support to one another.

  • Commitment

Healthy families are loyal, supportive, and committed. They find it easy to trust. One another with the details of their lives, they also share responsibilities and make decisions together, and they are there for you when you need them. No one has your back like your family.

  • Communication

Healthy families often share regular meat together and enjoy talking about lives and their experiences; put-downs, name-calling, and other types of emotional abuse are rare. Instead, families encourage and build one another up. Typically, healthy families have fun when they are together, smiling and often laughing whether their time is planned or spontaneous; strong families enjoy being around one another. They also share one another interests and passions.

How family impacts your wellness

Family can impact your wellness. If you have a positive relationship with your family, you may find your physical and mental health improves. Part of maintaining a close relationship. Have even demonstrated the effect of decreasing the probability of chronic illness, including mental and physical conditions. People who get married or have life partners can rely on the same support system when they need help. They are also somebody who you collaborate with on decision-making and financial matters.


When you have discord or trauma in your family, it can be hard to let go of it. Every family is different, and none is perfect. When members of your family hurt you, it can affect you for years. Your pains are valid, and just because someone is related to you doesn't mean they are healthy for you to stay around; people have bad members of their family who they choose to cut out of their lives when family problems are too instep to cope with.

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