Family Of Thieves (episode 1)

My father died on our last heist. After 5years of strategic planning, I and my sister decided to pull the most craziest heist of all time in Savannah state.

Life itself has been cruel... Dad!!! Dad!!!!! Come over to the van; they are coming after us, run!!!! Pa!! Pa!! Pa!!! Three times they shot my dad; I watched my dad die; Stephanie moved the van with speed with me inside. I woke up immediately... I constantly have this nightmare about my dad's death. Wale, wake up.. we are robbing the celerity bank today. I said I didn't forget Stephanie, trying to open my eyes.

I was fast asleep. We have already planned the heist. We will be robbing the biggest bank of all time In Savannah state, and we are doing this to avenge our father's dad. Our dad, which we call Doc. was killed in our last heist 5yrs ago. We spent 5years planning this heist, and the whole government official would pay for the death of our father. Of course, the minister of finance of Savannah state will be in the bank today, and the Governor of all banks in savannah state will also be present. And yes, this heist was planned well by my dearest sister Stephanie. 

Is everyone ready? Steph. Wale asked Stephanie. Yes, all boys are in their exact position, and the ones that are supposed to be in the bank are already in. What about our security friend? Wale asked. He already knows what to do. That's good. We go in 1, 2, 3 and ehnnn 4. It was already 8 am at the dot. Move it...We drove to the bank. Wale played loud music. (sometimes by T.I blaze ft Olamide). And he sang along.... (sometimes food no the giving man Joy, but Ghani loud the feeling is different). We have already reached the bank.

What did you come to do? The security man outside asked us. We came to the deposit money officer. Where is your facemask? The security asked, of course; we have them. We wore our facemask. You have to wait outside when it's time you go in. the security man said. It's a lot of money, sir. We won't feel comfortable staying outside waiting. Stephanie told the security man. Just wait, ma. He insisted. We had no choice but to wait. We waited for like 5 minutes. Then a security man approached us. Sir, You can go in; with hmmm 7 of you over there. The security man counted the seven and pointed at them. And of course, yes, it was our security man.

We moved into the bank, and it was really a busy Monday; many people came to deposit money in the bank. Stephanie and wale(I) were examining the atmosphere. We already saw the minister of finance walking into the governor's office. Everyone was in position. Let me use the restroom, Stephanie said. She went to the restroom. I was just moving around the bank. Doing nothing. A banker approached me. Are you having difficulty with something? He asked. No, not at all. Just moving around and waiting for my sister. I smiled and said oooo, I see. he said. Yah. I replied.

Some group of guys had already gone into the restroom. I saw this lady sitting at the customer's chair; she was alone. I was becoming bored, so I had to approach her. Hey, beautiful frowning face you got there. I sat down close to her.

She smiles stylishly. You also got a beautiful smile. Am wale. I stretched my hand to hers. Sandra. she said, also bringing her hand forward. Beautiful name. You got there, but can I call you sandy, baby? I asked. she laughed out loud, holding her hand to control her laughter. Who goes by that type of name now? she asked. That's old school. She said. Old school got vibes, you know. I replied to her. I'm old school, and I got vibes. Everybody line down!!!!!!! And that comes with a heavy gunshot on the air, sorry, ceiling? No, up of the bank. Don't know... but it was definitely a loud gunshot by Stephanie...TBC

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