Godwin Anietie 8 months ago
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Feeling Of Disappointment

Isn't it disappointing how you get to know people you'd put as a high priority behave when you're less in your emotions and feelings?

You saw it but Love covered it all.
You did more than enough for them when they were down,
You'd give your last to see them alright,
You'd walk to the ends of the earth for things to work out for them,
Only for you to realize that,
They'd never do the same for you.
They wont even move a muscle for you. 
You'd cry,feel upset , get heartbroken💔
But at the end of the day
You've got only You to take care of You🥺
Its all fine
Pick up yourself and move on with no hard feelings 
It wasn't meant to be in the first place 
Stay Strong 💪


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