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Female Drug

The drug has been found, rather she finds the sick. Every sickness in every system in the universe will be healed. The female drug is here!

She dances around breathing fires,
Wearing skirts of sequin,
Sending out messages telepathically,
Inquisitions, her second by the second preoccupation,
Her necessary meal,
Her growth and evolution erupt,
Happening every minute,
Depending solely on her primary assignment;
To heal every species
On every system in the universe,
Even nonexistent ones.
Every healing extends her life, her death
A changeling,
A capsule,
A gas,
Changing even into plasma forms,
Penetrates everything everywhere anywhere,
Sucking and drawing up failing genes,
Misplaced viruses,
Cancer cells,
Every disease that renders life forms ill,
She stages her presence,
Compulsive correctitude attaining,
Completely invisible,
Only her results announce her,
As millions suddenly stand healed all at once.
Then she zooms off into space,
Never to hear resounding ovations,
That ring out after her.
She lives, dies, and lives again
Evolving speedily, continuously
Mating telepathically with redundant males,
Bursting forth and abroad,
To release a liter of a million
That is perpetually survived by two,
Another redundant male and a feisty female,
Quietly, invisibly available
To heal the universe.
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