Feminism's Unspoken Creed

Why are musculinity coaches popular these days, and why does the otherwise toxic advises seem acceptable to young male audiences, who feel grossly unfairly treated.

Around the 1780s, with the massive competition for cheap cotton and textile products from Asia and particularly India, Great Britain implemented a revolution that would turn out to be the most important in human history since the domestication of plants and animals.

The industrial revolution was borne out of necessity, but it would transform human life forever; life expectancy, wage structures, wars, and overall economics would change massively, and the development of the bourgeoisie class would only continue to expand; capitalism would become the foremost economic mantra of the next generation, and of course, its antithesis socialism/communism would follow suit.

However, probably nothing would be affected more than the family unit; before the industrial revolution, the family unit was largely strictly patriarchal, and for good reasons; the massive energy it took to be economically productive was largely engineered by manpower from farming and food production to transportation, from wars to building, all or most required huge amount of physical strength to achieve and since men naturally wielded more physical strength than their female counterparts, they dominated the important spheres of life.

The industrial revolution would tear down the physical barriers, and slowly but surely, the man-powered economy was making way for a machine-powered economy; by the 20th century, a nuclear family unit in judeo-christian Europe could hardly succeed and prosper with one stream of income. Then the two World Wars happened, and the walls came crashing down.

The wretchedness and nakedness of war not only exposed the indifference of nature towards any particular race, but it also provided women ample opportunity to dominate the mostly male-dominated arenas; by the time Hitler was committing suicide, massive modern movements were also already kick-starting the more liberal European sides. 

By the 21st century, technology will have totally dominated the most important arenas in our economic spheres, from information down to the smallest of menial jobs.

So the question would become, is it still fair that our society remained largely male-dominated? Apart from a few Scandinavian Countries with prominent female political leaders, most human organizations on Earth are still largely run by men, the Forbes Richest list is dominated by men, the religious sphere is dominated by men, and the United Nations Leader’s meeting is conspicuously male-dominated.

Since the strongest separation argument (physical strength) becomes less and less of a requirement for the accruement of wealth and power, with intellect becoming more and more crucial, and with there being no significant difference between the human male and female specie in terms of intellect, shouldn’t the spread of political and economic power be more even?

 Well, as the front-runners of the afro mentioned revolution, men had significant advantages to learn and master the tools of technology long before it started empowering women as they were at the forefront of education and scientific experiments due to long-accrued advantages through religions and cultures, which mostly prioritized males over the females. Modern feminists have fought these social disadvantages through equal rights movements and the girl-child education, and most still clamor for more inclusion of women in the major spheres of life; more women should be in politics and major head industries.

However, there is a more subtle and salient detail to the derailment of women in the socioeconomic and political sphere that is mostly ignored. In other to progress the pre-industrial revolution societies, most of the societies invented a sociopolitical blanket for their females, a blanket which is largely still in effect to date. Good or bad, as women didn’t rule kingdoms, they mostly didn’t go to wars, as they didn’t compete economically, they mostly didn’t become poor, and even today, for every rich male billionaire, there are up to a thousand poor men on the streets, for every male president, there are a hundred males in prison, so as men dominate the topmost spheres of society, they also make up the huge chunk of the most insignificant and lowest personnel in our society.

Secondly is the societal pressure associated with being male; of course, in a traditional capitalist society, competition provides pressure, and everyone feels the pressure. Non as much as a full-grown man. It is relentless, and in a society where every single thing a person could possibly desire is directly or indirectly linked to how much value the person can provide, it is very likely that the person would dominate that society. 

Take sex, for instance; in humans and most other animal species, the males mostly initiate sexual contact due to the high level of testosterone present in most male species; this, in turn, hands a huge power to the animal’s female specie, the power of choice, on the average the female can choose and reject much more sexual mates than her male counterpart, in most species the females step aside and watch the males fight it out, sometimes to the death for a chance to mate and simply choose the winner, a very simple way of natural selection choosing from the strongest to initiate the next generation. In humans, the process is not so different; the most powerful men get the most desired females, and it has always been so; with whatever signified power, from physical strength to the age of Civilization and money, today, the richest and most successful men get the most desired women, and as a man, your chances of finding a suitable mate ridiculously increase once you become a man that can provide monetary value.

Of course, a woman would do much with money too but does a woman really need money to find a mate, so the pressure mounts ridiculously on one gender more than the other, from societal acceptance to public respect and admiration down to the basic human needs of food, shelter, and sex all are in one way or the other linked to the monetary value a man can provide.

So men commit ridiculous sacrifices to climb the sociopolitical ladder, they stay up at night to commit crimes, they mostly patronize the “get rich quick” schemes, they become criminals and drug dealers, they climb the ridiculous and unforgiving corporate ladder, they tread on the dreaded Waters of politics, they join the police and other military/paramilitary organization knowing they could get shot, all because they know it’s either they get rich, or they die trying.

So no matter the number of international upliftment schemes and the inclusion policies implemented by different governments, as long as the capitalist society persists in maintaining a lopsided economic pressure on one gender, it is inevitable that gender will dominate the sociopolitical sphere of the planet, they have to if not they won’t survive. It’s like putting two athletes in a race, then going to one and saying, “If you don’t win, I am going to shoot as soon as you reach the finish line,” and then to the second athlete, you assure him of his safety even if he loses the race. Even a kid would tell who would likely win the race.  


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