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Fighting Genders

As a man, make a post; telling women, they must be submissive to their husbands; no matter what it takes;

As a man, make a post, 
telling women, they must be submissive to their husbands, 
no matter what it takes🤨

You will see ladies come out, 
venting and saying many gbas gbos. 🥱 
I'm not even blaming them. 
Shey, this is a woke generation 🤗

As a woman, 
make a post grading men based on how much money they have and are willing to spend on a woman... 🤨🤨

You will see guys ranting and even abusing the ladies- reminding them how their own fathers couldn't achieve the same thing. 
Too many gbasgbos talk.

All for what? 🤷🤦
Las las we all have skoskoi in our head 😂
Two genders that are supposed to work together now att..acking each other.
Na wa o.

© King Damian
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