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Finally I've Found A Lover

This story is about a young girl who thought the love her parents had for her was being replaced by something else and felt hated. She finally realized that someone else had always loved her and his love for her had never faded away.

She sat on the bench at the back of the class, her head bowed, and I was very sure she was crying.I wasn't always moved by tears, but somehow this morning was different. "How did I become so evil?" I thought. I knew I was the last person she was willing to see at the moment, but I just couldn't help but feel guilty for what I had done to her. I wanted to console her and make her understand why I did what I did, though it wasn't a good reason to justify my actions. All I wanted was for her to be aware I'm a changed person, I might not be good, but I'm ready to stay off my bad behaviors.

Finally, after standing for over two minutes watching and pondering on how best to console her, I said in a very sober mode, "I'm sorry, Olive." She gently raised her head, and I watched her jaw drop when she saw me. "You devil!" She frowned when she found her voice. "Yes, I was evil, I was very mean to you, my words were always harsh, I made you suffer for what you did not do…." I said, not knowing how those words came into my mouth, "..and I am deeply sorry," I muttered genuinely. "If that's all you have to say, you are forgiven. Please leave me alone." She said, wiping the tears on her face with her hands. I knew she meant what she said, but I was willing to let her know the new me; I wasn't acting all up, I was not willing to go back to my old life, and I wanted to be a better person.

Apart from grandma, who led me into this, I wanted her to be aware too. She was the only one that never yelled or talked back at me anytime I flared up; she tolerated my act of hatred and never reacted back. She is the one person I could call my friend if at all she was willing to make me her friend."I still have more to say," I said, sitting very close to her. She just watched me in utter bewilderment."I know you are surprised, I know you are wondering if this is me or not, but please, I want you to hear me out it," I pleaded. "I'm all ears, Ann; speak on," Olive replied.

I was happy she showed interest in what I had to say, and I felt comfortable."I am the only child of my parents, and I was always loved and cared for. I wasn't always bad behaved, no I wasn't, and I never planned to turn out like this." I explained, beginning to feel teary. "My parents had always taught me values and always monitored and made sure I lived right, but it all became history when I turned 16. Although my father wasn't always around as he traveled because of work and spent up to two to three months, he always called to ask after me while away, and he spent quality time with me whenever he came back.

So, my mum was always home with me. She loved and cared for me; we played and quarreled, we talked and solved issues together; she is indeed a mother. My mum turned down several offices at her place of work for my sake just to take care of me. And it happened that she got another promotion letter at her place of work when I turned 16, but she, for some reasons best known to her, did not turn it down and for the fact that I am old enough to take care of myself she wouldn't." I continued. "Not that I wasn't happy for her, but I felt sad that she wasn't always going to be around. She will have to leave early in the morning and come home late every night, although she will be with me every weekend. It was like that until she started traveling too, and my parents had to employ a maid to look after me and keep me company since I'll be the only one at home most of the time.

At first, I got along and tried to behave maturely since I was told I was old enough to take care of myself, but I just couldn't go on acting like I was. I needed the attention of my parents, but they wouldn't admit it. They called once in a while when they weren't too busy because anytime I do, it's either they tell me they are busy or wouldn't pick up my calls at all. There wasn't anyone to talk to or play with whenever I was home. My friends at school weren't allowed to come to visit me at home; we only gist and catch fun at school. The maid at home only does her duty and retires to bed. Besides, she highly esteems me and treats me as she would treat my mum, and that did not give room for any friendship between us.

Anytime my parents are back from their trip, I always look forward to getting together or anything adventurous we could embark on together, but instead, they come home with their eyes glued to the laptop as if they traveled for fun and are back home to work. We don't even eat together at the dining table as we used to; that was how pathetic it was. My loneliness increased, and I was emotionally down. I began to seek ways to make my parents realize this. Then one day, I refused to welcome my mum when she arrived from one of her trips. I heard her voice downstairs, but I stayed back in my room, thinking she would complain, and I would be able to tell her how it had been all this while without them, but, to my greatest surprise, she did not even come to the room to check on me.

I heard her ask me from the maid, and she told her I was in the room. Mum said 'alright' and complained of how tired she was as a result of the trip, and zoomed off to her room.I tried my best to remain in my room and not disturb them since she wanted to rest, and we could still talk the next morning before going to school. So, the next morning came, and my mother was still fast asleep. I guessed she had a very busy trip and decided I would speak to her when I was back from school. I came back from school only to be informed that my mum had traveled again. I felt so devastated that day and cried my heart out. I realized I was no longer loved and cared for, I realized my parent's work had taken my place, and this realization changed everything about me. I became rude to my parents; I felt hatred for everybody around me. I find pleasure in hurting others just so that they would hate me. I wanted to believe that no one loved me…." I couldn't continue my statement as I was already crying

I felt Olive's hand around my shoulders, she cuddled me to herself, and I cried out more. After a while, I went quiet and continued my statement. "Olive, I'm no longer who I used to be; I've found true love. Grandma told me about him, and I accepted him. His name is…." "Jesus!" Olive completed, "You know him?" I asked, surprised. "Yes, I do; he is the best lover anyone could ask for. I speak to him every day, and I never feel lonely." "Wow!" was all I could say.

Finally, I've found not just one person who loves and cares for me but also a friend of his whom I could talk to.

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