Finding Me (a Self Realization Story 2)

Finding me (A self-realization story 2): When sadness is so real, you can feel it engulf deeply your heart...

"Darling, come take your seat," her mum called to her when she raised her eyes to see her daughter standing still by the stairs like she wasn't part of the family. "Have a piece of cake," her dad said, stretching the cake to her and also drawing a chair out beside him for her to sit. "Dad said we should eat strawberry cake again because of your birthday," Claire snickered, "I mean, that was yesterday."

"Let my daughter enjoy her favorite treat," Anna, their mother, cut into the discussion while she cut the apple she had peeled into large cubes. The family chattered amongst themselves for a long time with Blaire, who just replied to asked questions and smiled whenever something was funny. 

She wondered for long, later when she lay on her bed, if they would be happy without her. Her heart felt so heavy for reasons she could not even explain. "They probably will," she said to herself and turned to the other side of her bed, "Of course, they will.

The preparation for a new week was a bit hectic, especially on a Monday morning; everyone had to fit into each other's schedule. Anna had to drive Blaire to school while Robert, their dad, drove Claire to the company where she was doing her internship program. "Mum! I can't find my white flowered socks," screamed Claire from the stairs. "Just check Blaire's drawer, her mum replied to her, "And I don't think a flowered sock fits the sneaker you are wearing." "Darling!, Where are my ties," Robert's voice came loudly from the room? "Check the small cupboard."

The helter-skelter morning came to a halt finally, and everyone was ready to set out. "Blaire!!!" Roseline called from the parking lot when she saw Anna's car prepared to drive out. "How was the weekend? I'm sorry I couldn't attend your party. Pretty sure it went so well; why not? You've got a lovely family. Mummy needed me to follow her to the hospital to get her shots and test done," Roseline said, smiling and rushing all her words at a time, like a chatterbox."It was good," Blaire said, raising the right side of her cheek to indicate the fact that she was actually smiling. "Just like that? I need more details about how........" The bell rang, cutting Roseline off from her discussion. "Let's hurry to class," she hushed Blaire.

During their break, Roseline had so much to say about her weekend. How her mum was too scared to get shots even at her age, how she thought her long-distance boyfriend was cheating on her, and how she could not wait for the next few months for their graduation. "I'll break up with Alex just then," she emphasized. Blaire watched her friend talk happily about lots of things as her eyes squinted briefly through the class. Most of her classmates were either talking, laughing, or doing something. They all looked happy. 'How can she be the only one feeling so down and sad in the entire class when everyone looks happy?' She wondered.

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