Five Dangerous People Around You That You Are Not Aware Of

FIVE DANGEROUS PEOPLE AROUND YOU THAT YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF: Dangerous People around you that you need to avoid...

1. A close friend, associate, or even a relative who can do anything to get money. They will always walk up to you and say, "oh boy, I need this money like made. Wetin I fit to do now oOo?". They think of 101 ways to get a particular desire in their heart. They can use their last fund to play naira bet or bet Naija; they can go on Facebook or any other platform to start asking people for help. There is absolutely no offer they will reject just to get money.

That type of person being around you is a threat! Many people who have fallen victim to kidnappers or ritualists are mostly not careful with the type of friends they usually keep. If you have anyone like this around, you need to be very careful because if his quest for money gets to a point where he needs to kidnap or make rituals, you are not safe.

#_2. The category of people who will always discourage you from your walk with God and your service unto Him. They are mostly in families, workspace, and in your circle of friends. They will raise a shout when you want to pay your tithe. "Oh boy oh, na 100k you wan give your pastor abi for tithe, you be mumu," but if you ask them would you like me to give you this 100k? They will gladly say yes! Their mouth will be drooling, and their mind will be making fast calculations of what they can fix with that money.

They are the type of people who will tell you, "na you kill Jesus, you go dey go church every time," but every evening after work, they always go to their fish pepper soup spot, including weekends. They count it all joy to go there, get drunk and waste their funds. They will even tell you why is your Facebook and WhatsApp status filled with church things but on their own timeline, they are always promoting irrelevant things, even with sexual content.

My friend, if you are not careful and separate yourself, you may get intimidated by this set of people, and before you know it, you will find yourself in the circle of their activities.

#_3. The "heaven helps those who themselves" category of people. This category of people will always tell you, "woooo see, God no dey reject little sacrifices oOo." Today they will follow you to church; if they don't get a quick result, they move to one Muslim Cleric's house, and that doesn't mean they won't still go to one Baba on the other side of the river to consult the river goddess.

Their national anthem is "na one god all of us kuku dey serve." This type of person doesn't have the same belief as yours, and you may be in danger if it requires them to bring anything that has to do with humans in their quest or desire to get what they want. They believe they are helping themselves by forging documents in the office or inflating the price of contracts, goods, and services. You don't go out anyhow with such people.

Mark their faces and control your appetite for food because you can't just eat with them anyhow. Recognize this type of person and be wise.

#_4. Those who get angry excessively and find it very difficult to forgive. If you are in a close association with someone who finds it difficult to forgive or always looks for ways to take revenge at all costs, then you are in serious danger. There is no way you are a living being, and you won't offend another person, or another person won't do the same to you.

Even animals fight themselves! Have you seen two cockerels fighting before? That scene is always pleasing to watch (LOL). If this your friend will always look for means to accomplish revenge for the offenses of other people, the day you offend him/her, they won't spare you. They don't care if they get angry and smash your gadgets, pick up a knife to fight, or organize area boys to beat you up for one offense or the other.

Friendship or association is not by force. Don't wait till you fall victim to this type of person before you start thinking of separation. They are extremely dangerous.

#_5. A close friend who is excessively jealous of other people's success, achievement, or growth. These are the category of people who are lazy and are mostly unteachable. They find it difficult to embrace challenges that come with life, work, or relationship, but at the glimpse of seeing someone who is doing so well, they get jealous unnecessarily.

These are the siblings of Cain! They move house to house, backbiting and saying negative things about the person. They unconsciously become a witch or a wizard because all their thoughts will eventually become evil towards the person. They can wish the person falls sick or have a broken marriage /relationship, they can even go as far as implicating the person at the place of work, and in extreme cases, they can wish the person died or even organize their death through different means.

This set of people mostly doesn't hide this particular trait, and it is very easy to identify them because they will always come to you and talk about the person they are jealous of. They will even unconsciously say the evil wish they have in mind concerning the person. Once you notice this, then trust me; you are not safe either.

Be sensitive and know the type of people and category of friends you keep. If you notice one or all the categories of people aforementioned are around you, then you need to be prayerful and watchful. If you are one of the people mentioned above, seek God for forgiveness and help. He will help you! You are Blessed in Jesus' name, Amen!

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