A young man tries to break out of a toxic marriage...The tempo was heated up at the fireball nightclub as patrons kicked at it on the dance floor with some hyped music blaring through the sparkers.

Several groups sat by watching and checking out the who is who, while a few just sat back and enjoyed their solitude. But for Amos, this was his last night as a free man, not that he was ever free in the first place. For as long as he could remember, he never experienced freedom, empathy, or kindness. He had been a tool, a puppet, and come tomorrow, the torture would double. He sighed wearily, rubbing his temples to ward off the fatigue after such a hectic day, calling up the caterer on the menus for the wedding, checking up with the hair/makeup, picking up the wedding dress which had to be readjusted.....the errands were plenty. 

Quite surprisingly, he was the groom. Oh yes, Amos had landed himself one of V.I.'s very own sensational barrister Lydia Osara. She was a popular figure and a force to be reckoned with. Whatever she wanted, she got it. Being the daughter of a two-time senate president and a retired supreme judge, she had ties with various influential figures. Lydia was beautiful, a mixture of innocence and vanity. She appeared to be totally naive. Or so she made people believe.

Amos shook his head. Well, look at me now, he thought to himself. Never could he imagine that the little dove he had grown to cherish would turn into a vicious vulture. Ever since her parents saved him from his father's cruelty, he had been raised under their roof, and in return, he was Lydia's companion. He didn't notice the gradual change at first; she never liked his friends, especially the girls. He often oversaw this as her being protective. But it continued to grow into something else. When he tried to keep his distance, she threw in various terrifying dramas, cutting herself, throwing a bloody tantrum, or overdosing.

Her parents wouldn't believe him; her father had placed her in his hands with a threat of dealing with him if his daughter hurt herself again. Amos found himself in quicking quicksand. It was as though no one wanted to believe him. He had no place to run to. For years, she was the master manipulator, while he was the unwilling puppet.

She threw expensive pranks and called them jokes; she wanted him everywhere she could set her eyes on him. Perhaps the most frightening occurred two years ago. He had gotten a scholarship to study at a university. Lydia tried to coax him into declining the offer, but he refused and assured her it would only be for two years. When she threw a tantrum as usual, her father surprisingly reprimanded her for her childish attitude. Lydia said nothing. Three months before his departure, Lydia threw a party for him since she, too, would be out of state. 

A party he never wanted but accepted after all the effort she had put in. He didn't take any alcohol, substance, or weed. All he took that night was bottled water. He didn't know what happened that night. He only woke up disoriented and faced a year faced Lydia, who accused him of raping her. He did not believe, nor could he accept that he did. But Lydia made him see the truth in her lies. She convinced him such that he felt ashamed and, most of all, frightened. It was Lydia who suggested marriage. When he refused at first, she simply said," Imagine what mum and dad would do if I told them you raped me?"


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