For The Game Are Not The Same

Our fingers are not equal, What makes him think all games are the same. What is the game? And does it happen? Find out by reading this.

MY FIRST GAME... As I was entering the cafe, my eyes sighted her have seen another game; she was a fan of Chelsea and bacca; I strengthened my hand to gesture to her wide shape though she was bigger than my stature, I knew she would fall for me, for girls never regret my offer. I sometimes wondered about bringing games into my father's mansion, but how? If he caught me, he would surely send me to boarding school. I never fancied it; my school was big, Maxon college. I remembered doing my life in the hostel; there was a game I chopped at that time.

The game required a lot of money, then I haven't gotten big stature, but still, girls fell for me. There as a junior student, I met the game. Hmm, she was like a queen in my eyes, for her to be my first game to play though I was taught of the game. I never believed I could be the boss of the game. In my school boys' hostel was different from the girls' hostel. But my friends of three and I knew how to sneak out for the game; in my class, Mrs. Novi, my class teacher, also played a game with some men, but how? I was still young then, and I knew it was just wishful thinking of mine. There was a girl beside my seat; I always get lost whenever I look at her; I knew it was not easy to play a game like "free fire" without giving something out. I Informed my friend of it, then I was egged on, and I played the game vehemently


playing the game of "free fire" sometimes required money as a data plan.....for me to catch the game. I needed a data plan. I brought a lot of gifts like pants and swimming cloth for my game as a data plan. I couldn't play the game well when I started. I was not plagued about it because it is normal to lose some time in a "piano fire game" then I continued; I remembered the slap I received from her when I tried to go further with her. But I endured it as a guy. Sometimes, you lose when you play a game, but you do not give up. Amaka was the girl's name, she almost spent all my money, but I didn't care because I had money. My parent used to give me money; the money in my account could buy some musician life Chuks as my friend in the playing of games, never allowed me to lose. he had known how Amaka could be. She only wanted to spend my money and leave, but how would that be actualized stuff? you know when you play "temple run, "you get a lot of coins as a gift...........there with Amaka that day, as usual, I sneaked out of my hostel and to Amaka's hostel, to God be the glory her friend wasn't in the hostel with her I met Amaka sitting on her Small bed, using her phone "hey babe," I said, smiling at her she leaned up and gave me a smile "that not what I am here for, "I mumbled, then I walked towards her, and I sat beside her "why are you here?" she asked I smiled at her again, she must be stupid for telling me why I had come to her. I wondered what she had taken me for .for a fool guy to be squandering money on a game without receiving coins; no, it's not done.

I moved toward her and hugged her; she tried to push me away, but I never succeeded to it. I started achieving my coins on the game through the deep kiss we engaged in but later ended up in bed; I was happy that I won the game of" temple run" that I had been running on. Later on, I discovered the game was old and that other games like subway surf, free fire, ocean survivor, and also piano fire had been out. All of the sayings of mine was that I left Amaka after the day we met together........I got to three as an hostelite; I decided to stay at the school during the holiday. There I played another game which was ocean survive. It was Sunday morning, and some of the hostelites had gone home, but few girls were still in the school. All girls were outside swimming in the pool. I was in my hostel; I peeped out through the window when I heard the sound splashing of water. I quickly called my friend's attention; we dressed in short pants, made for guys, then we headed to the pool; we took some money and snacks along with us. When we got there, I felt a little shy. But Chuks egged me on; he brought up an I deal, then I ran towards the pool, I jumped into it .self same to my friend. The girls didn't notice us because they were carried away with their swimming stuff a few minutes later, Chuks rounded the pool with some chocolate bar, money, and snacks game can be played better when you use a data plan, As I went down in to pool I could see girls but, they were all there I sighted one, I jerked her leg to move her towards then she screamed, "shiiiiiiish" I said as I put my index finger against her lips "hey who are u, and what are u doing here" she frowned as she chipped out.

WHO I WAS. Her question baffled me a playboy I was; I played a game I'm impeccable at "so who are u"the statement jolted me back to consciousness "you look so pretty," I said to omit the question she asked me I could hear Chuk's chit chat with the Ladies. They were already chopping the snacks" do you have a boyfriend" I asked her because her beautiful face struck me down " No," she said in certainty; I knew she was only forming for me; ladies are like that " what if we are friends" She looked at me and have out a coy smile. We walled to the entrance of the girls' hostel "do you wish to have a boyfriend? "I asked her as I rested on a banister; at that moment, she was already in her mufti cloth"sure," she said smiling. that moment, I realized that the game would be easy to play "hmm, tell me anything you need I shall give it to you" "okay, she moved towards, she pecked me. Then she left. I was dumbfounded; she was an open game that I could mess with...... the night show, at my hostel, I narrated everything to my friends they told me to keep going, later on, I realized that she lied to me about being in it was excruciating, when I found out, but I decided not to anything than going on with the game, but she wasn't aware that I knew of that small secret.

After making my way with her, she came back that she was pregnant "ye pa, "I mumbled. I wasn't ready to become a father,17 years old for the matter. I summoned courage; then I told her that I wasn't the only one playing her game; she was shocked, and she left in anger that day that time I was in ss2 already I had started flexing with ss3 students. Her name was Marvel, though she tried to prove me as a nonperfect player. She used to be a cumbersome game to play. That reminded me of a date I went with her one night. Though we sneaked out of the school, that wasn't taxing for us because marvel was a prefect of the school. At the party, I sat in a VIP room with my game; we were staring at each other. as a player of the game, I prepared myself and rubbed my hand with hers.

Marvel wasn't a full fan of bacca and Chelsea; she got a bigger butt than breast. she was older than I was; I never respected her because I was the one sponsoring her every time. As a guy, I never took alcohol; I ordered two plates of food after we finished eating, and I started a conversation with her, "So where are u going after your graduation?" I asked her the question just to know whether I could continue to play her game." I will be going to my uncle's place in Ibadan," she said. "Ibadan will be more fun than Lagos, "I said "yeah" she never knew what I meant by that; I was implying that she would meet another player in Ibadan, I didn't want to lose the game, but I promised to win........ After the talk, I moved to her for a kiss then she gave it to me music was hitting with a good beat, I.made her twerk for me she gave me many styles, lap dance never stopped It was getting late, then we head back to Maxon college...................... I couldn't go back to my hostel; I slept over in Marvel's room. At midnight a lot of things happened between us I played her game well; it was a game of score hero.


At 7 pm, I woke up, Marvel wasn't beside me, but I saw a letter she wrote...hello babe. Good morning, hope you slept well. I'm sorry for not telling you before I left. I didn't want to disturb you, actually have gone to a morning class and take care of myself. And do not forget the money you. Promised me I will be expecting it; love you, Jackson, yours only Marvel l squeezed the paper after, I had read it Girls like money, to get much score, a lot of data need to be used on a game I never fancied them, I chopped and leave. Marvel herself knew we could not be together forever. Even though she was older than me by some years, her brother was my agemate, and she didn't count that like anything; I got off her bed. Then to my hotel, I never bordered to attend class Mrs. Novi had left the school then, we got another class teacher but. Mr. Williams was his name; he wasn't a serious teacher sometimes; he never attended class. As I stepped on the steps to my room, I saw a girl from ss3.running to class; she was a pretty lady. Then I ran towards her "hi" I said "hello how may I help you?" she said she was in a hurry. Her word ran back to my brain; wow, she meant how she could help me. I should have asked that kind of question, but as a playboy, I played games with the sense, " I just wanna say you look beautiful," I pumped out again "thanks, "she said smiling "em can I have ur number, I mean as a senior leaving the college soon"I lied to her She then gave me her number, I watched her off till some called my attention "hey buddy" it was chuck "oh check how you dey"I hugged him as I talked "I should ask you that question, why didn't you come home.hmm, don't tell me you were with her yesterday" "which girl? "I asked him, "the one that left now," Chuks replied with a smile on his face " No, that one is still new; I still dey download that one game."I spoke in pidgin, " okay, where are u up to now."

"to my girl," Chuks replied immediately. "aren't you going to class, "I asked him. "Guys, I need to go; I just met the new game," he said, then turned to leave. but I dragged him back "what again, girl," he said with a frown on his face. "No vex, bro, but don't u think we should celebrate it" "ha guy, I just met her; we haven't started anything "really" "yeah," he nodded, "so are u leaving marvel now?" he said again "No I still want to get a score from the game before deleting it off" "hmm that my guy"chuks tickled me as he talked "thanks boss, "I said "I should be going now," he said and walked away................ I stepped inside my hostel, I rushed a bath on my body. then wore my short pants and singlet suddenly my phone rang, it was marvelous " hi baby, "she said" how are u babe, are you still in class, "I asked "No we just finished " "do you mean you guys had left class" "yes, and why are you asking?" marvel asked "just wanna know, cos I dont want you to be caught receiving a call in the class" I lied "okay, should I come to your place?" marvel asked "oh no I would busy right now on" "Okay, take care" then she ended the call. I would have asked her to come, but I was preparing to catch the other game. Then I wore a good t-shirt, just to appear like a cute guy. I knew she would fall for me.

GAME FOR MANY PLAYERS. I made a call to get through to her; it took her a few minutes to reply to my calls. But finally she replied "hi good evening"_i said "please who is this" "oh sorry I should have introduced my self,am the guy you met this morning" "oh,is that felix"she said "felix"i called the word in bafflement "oh that should be kelvin right"she said again "wow,you fit sabi guys o"I replied with a frown in my face"david why are u like this,what happened to your number again"she replied I was annoyed,that kind game was for a lot of players how could be saying all of her male-lovers to me"I am jackson"I said "jackson"she recalled it "yeah" "oh my goodness,you are the one,am sorry" "it okay"I said "did you want to see me or I should come to your place"that was from her I wondered how she knew what I was about to say,I starred at my cellphone for a while before I could reply her "are you there "her voice alarmed me "oh sorry,am thinking of coming to your place' "my place at which time?"she asked "11:0clock will be better"I said "okay I will be expecting u" "your name pls"I asked again "am erica" "nice to meet to you" "you are welcome"she said then I ended the call......... I wondered how a girl could be easily taken for me.

Could it be because of my money, after all, I will play the game.................when I got to her hostel, she served me a cold drink, but I didn't take it, after all, I came for something paramount than taking a drink. I was surprised to hear from her about her boyfriends; I found it interesting that she didn't lie to me, not about some girls. She even told me that one of her boyfriends would arrive soon. "so can I be one of them too? "I said. She stared at me "okay," then she gave a coy smile "yeah," I nodded"hmm, I would.... before she could finish the word, I moved towards her kissing her deeply. Her mouth was wet on mine; her lips were like honey; I sucked it to my satisfaction. The kiss then led us to a romancing moment. There we were when someone entered. It was an ss3 guy; I was shocked, then leaned away from Erica." so this is what you have been doing all these days with this asshole" then he pointed at me. Erica couldn't utter a word, same self as me. It was a numbing cold I had until a back slap landed on my cheek; the slap was from the guy I didn't hesitate to slap mine; he clutched his cheek as I slapped him "are you an asshole? don't you realize that am your senior here. Erica looked dump founded, she was baffled she was only staring at us "so you called your self a senior, am sorry you are just a skanky person" I said with my face being frowned "I won't spear you for doing that shit with my girl" he pumped out again "what do u wanna do, you wanna punch me" I asked "I will if you don't keep quiet" he replied. "really "I said......Suddenly, we started the skirmish; as I punched him, he punched me back. Erica tried to separate us, but she couldn't of her weak vessel as a girl. A few minutes later, we were later separated by some students; then we ended up in the principal's office................,....................The next morning, at the principal's office.

David and I met at the principal's office; he gave me an angry stare, then I did the same thing to him the principal was on the chair, with her small glasses resting on the bridge of his eyes "So what is the bone of contention between you guys?" the word was from the principal. Unfortunately, none of us replied. She asked for our names, then told us to leave her office. And we did............... I lay on my bed for two hours, thinking of the incident. I haven't done such a thing before; even when I feel sick, I don't stay in bed; I used to go to friends' houses. Chuks pitied me because we had known what the matter would end up atI didn't border to receive any incoming calls; I switched off my cellphone for an hour. Later on, I switched on my phone. Then I saw a message from the Maxon platform... hi Jackson Shawn, you have been told to take your personal belongings home after the end of the year party, and don't you bother to return as a hostelite again.


It was the end of the year party; everywhere was crowded, and all parents were on the all watching the performance of their students. Including my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shawn, I was eluded with my thought; the principal's decision would affect me, and even Marvel wasn't more my game. For the was leaving and also erica My parent was aware of the matter already, they were happy to have me back home. Because they never wanted me to be a hostility then, the principal appealed to them on my behalf; I had no choice but to follow them back home. I made up my mind not to be sad; I walked into the female hostel. Searching for marvel, fortunately, I met her packing her clothes into her baggage." hey, what up, "I said as I perched on her bed "oh Jackson, how are you doing" she said without looking at me. I was shocked when she called me by the name"no more baby" I mumbled, "did you say, Jackson? "I asked to confirm my heart." yeah," she replied, then the sound of closing zips followed "wow, is this how to end up the relationship? I mean, you've broken with me even though I have not". "Jackson, it's high time we stopped this; you will surely find another girl," she said as she dragged her baggage. I moved towards her tightly; that was my last chance of seeing her again before giving her into the hands of Ibadan's guy. I kissed her deeply; it was going higher to something different.

Suddenly, Erica entered"oh my goodness," she shouted, "so this is how you flex with girls around.., and you, she diverted her gaze to Marvel" how could you snatch my boyfriend away from me" "enough of your rubbish Erica, Jackson is my boyfriend. We have been dating for a long time now," marvel also talked."wait, did you take me for a foolish person? Nay, we cannot be friends again; it's over bitch" Erica shouted. I was dumbfounded; before I could know it, the two had gone. I perched back on the bed, re-thinking the scene ... everything had become topsy-turvy, and I was baffled; I sat alone in the hostel with a lot of stuff going on In my mind. When the party was over, I got into my parent's car. A few minutes later, mum and dad appeared "where were you "my mother asked. "I was packing my thing up, "I lied to her "that's good of you," my dad said as he placed his porgy hand on my shoulder. "shall we find something to eat at a restaurant nearby," my mum said again "yeah, "I said, After all, I wouldn't kill my self for the two games I lost. They have been uninstalled already. The tyres of the car screeched, then we zoomed off.


At the restaurant, we took our seats. We were served something chilled. As I roamed my eyes, though, I saw a lady walking out. She was a fan of bacca and Chelsea; then, I dropped the drink that I was about to slurp. "mum, can I have the car keys? I left my phone inside the car. "I lied to her in other to meet the girl. I ran out as I collected the key; fortunately, I caught up with her. "hi am Jackson," I said panting, "am Carolina" she said we had a little conversation, then I collected her phone number............. I ran back inside the restaurant; then I punched on the chicken pie that my parent had bought me; I was ecstatic to have another game.

After my WAEC examination, I sat for the jamb exam, too; I was expecting admission from the university I chose to attend. My parent was not around; I wondered what to do, then I chatted Carolina up. Jackson babe, are you free? Carolina, oh darling, I am; you want me to come over? Jackson, yeah, I missed you, Carolina; what of your parents? Jackson, they have gone out; Caroline, Will you pay me well? Jackson sure baby Carolina OK, I dey come...I was happy; when she agreed to come over, Carolina arrived at 12:30 pm; I cooked her noodles to eat. After she finished eating, I took her inside for a job, and there we were when I heard the car horn. "what could that be? "I wondered. I quickly put on my t-shirt "what are we gonna do?" Carolina asked me. "don't worry, you just stay here till I come back, everything will be fine," I assured her. even though I was scared, I didn't want her to be scared. Also, I got outside and opened the gate for my parent; I was so happy when they went straight to their room because they were tired. I conveyed Carolina to sleepover; she told me to double her money, then I did because money wasn't my problem. Then I played her game throughout the night............ Early in the morning, Carolina had taken. She bath in my room, then I sneaked her out of the house before my parent could wake up.....


As I entered university, I was given a lot of things by my parents. My dad gave me a big car to chauffeur myself around the campus...................some months later, I sighed a new game in the school, but it was so taxing for me to win her heart. As I was driving along the road, I saw the lady again beside the road. She was looking for a cab, "hi," I said, but she didn't reply to me "can I give her a free ride" I said, trying to be polite "no, thanks," she said, then left. I watched her till she disappeared; the girl had gotten my pin code...I wondered what to do because I had never found it so cumbersome like that in my life. I started buying her a lot of gifts, but she never collected them from me.

As I heard of the lady, she was s brilliant girl on campus; her name was beautiful. Of course, she was a beautiful lady. I thought she would fall for me, for the money I had, but she wouldn't. Because she was different and decent........................ It was Tuesday morning; I met her on my way. She wore a short gown; she was so sexy that I fell in love with her so badly; I had never felt that much for girls before. Then I stopped her . "hi," I said. "Good afternoon," she said "how are you? "I asked to keep the conversation going. "I am good," she said and was about to leave. I dragged her back to myself, but she shifted her body away from mine. "Excuse me, don't you ever try that rubbish with me again," she said. Then I tried to touch her, but she slapped me and left. I was like a fool; I regretted the fact that I went to her, then I vowed to play her game forcibly............ At a dinner party, I.met her again, she was sexy. I didn't border to go to her because I never wanted to be slapped publicly by her. Though I never forgave her for the slap because I had my plan to carry out.

Some ladies were dancing, but beauty wasn't with them; she sat quietly on her own. I set my eyes on her; I thought of making her regret what she did to me. She stood up to walk out, then I followed her, and I caught up with her. Then I pinned her to the wall"let go off me" she shouted, "oh really, slappy girl, scream now let's see who will come to your rescue" "you will regret it," she said, almost near the tears "really"I laughed cynically" have played a lot of games, you cannot make me regret it" I leaned towards her neck trying to kiss her, she had shut her eyes already, she hated it suddenly, she hit me with her high heels that she was holding, I let go of her immediately then I fell on the floor. "come back here" I said as I clutched my head, but she had left......................... The next day was an awkward day for me; I was arrested by some police who accused me of rape. It was beautiful doing; I never expected that from her. Two days later, I was released, but I couldn't go back to school. Because I was rusticated from school, due to the stupid stuff I did with beauty should call the beauty game squid game that is not easy to play...My parent was disappointed in me because I was only at home doing nothing, just idly by. The excruciating part of it was that I had (HIV aids) due to Carolina's that I played"HMMM FOR THE GAME ARE NOT THE SAME."

WRITTEN BY SN adefunke

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