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For The Sake Of Love

Abike has to make a hard decision of choosing between the love of her life or her own future.

With the way I banged the front door, I am sure if the hinges were to come alive, I would have been decked. "Don't even try to convince me at all, Adunni. I am going, and that is final!" I argued with my sister. "eh, eh, Abike! I am warning you now, oh, the dog that would get lost would not hear the whistle of the hunter."

She made the whistle sound with her mouth, making her look like one that inhaled weed. ko kan e, leave me be. Jinadu is the one I want, and I am going with him. I insisted. otida. She replied, going back to the ewedu soup she was pounding with the broom.

I swallowed hard at the aroma surrounding the house; we lived in a bungalow of four rooms, our comfort zones in the backyard, and most of our cooking was done in the passage if we were to use the stove. But days when firewood was called for, there was a kitchen space located at the back too.

Adunni had decided to pick today of all days to make my favorite dish, Amala, ewedu, and chicken stew. I shake my head vigorously. I wouldn't let food deter me.

I thought, heading for greatness, the love of my life was waiting. I sighed as I checked my bag for the last time, reminiscing on Jinadu; he was the only one with an NCE certificate in our locality.

Aside from that, he was good-looking, too; every young lady in Ayungba envied our relationship. I am a renowned tailor; very good at what I do. I get cloth orders every day. Jinadu had made plans to travel to the big city to seek greener pastures, which implies me leaving all I worked for. I didn't mind; I loved him more than life itself.

He was going to find a job and open a shop for me; that was the plan. Without sparing Adunni another glance, I jumped up and down, treading the road leading to his house. Just as I was almost at the house. I saw him outside in his trousers and tucked-in shirt with his signature black shoes and socks. He was battling with his machine. Just then, his trousers shot up, and I saw two big holes in his socks. It seemed surreal; it wasn't that bad for Jinadu, so why does he have torn socks, I wondered. Then it dawned on me; he was what you would refer to as akagum, extremely stingy. He found it hard to spend on himself and talk to someone else.

Was I going to an unknown land to start a life with someone who couldn't do much for himself? I questioned myself.

Wait a minute; I am not Ruth, so why should I go and die for him? Thinking otherwise, I took the route back home, running as fast as my legs could carry me. On getting home, I met Adunni at the door, seated with her hands on her cheek as if she was awaiting my return.

I stood arms akimbo, "were you expecting me to come back?"

She stood up, snorting; you are too much of a coward to run away.

ori e o pe. I told her.

"is there still Amala?" I asked unapologetically.

She stared back at me for a moment and walked into the house, taking my bag from me.

I followed suit, staring back at the road moya looked away. I wasn't ready to forfeit my Amala for a roadside puff puff. Laslas Jinadu would be fine, that is, if he finds his bearing.


Eating Amala early morning was something; I woke up to my roommate Adunni giving me a weird look. 

I yelled, "what!" in her face.

"who is Jinadu?" she asked with a confused look.

Giving my surrounding a frantic look, I was in my hostel room in the school. I had been dreaming. Amala and ewedu won't be the death of me.

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