Forest Of Poetry

Here in Forest of poetry, we dine and wine with literature; Birds singing melodiously with their tiny voices; Father of onomatopoeia at work;

Here in Forest of poetry, we dine and wine with literature,
Birds singing melodiously with their tiny voices,
Father of onomatopoeia at work,
It gives me a momentous hour in the forest of Poetry,
It's the song we hear in the forest.

Here in the forest, poets and poetess waving their words like wordsmiths,
Captivating the tiresome soul of the audience,
The dripping wet ink bleeds mysterious on the deep white paper that speaks a lot,
Pondering ideas, griefs, love, and emotions in Writing,
The cool breeze from the tree of wisdom in the forest of Poetry sharpens one's brain.

Forest of poetry here I come,
Accept the tons of my dancing rhythmic pen,
I'm in love with the amazing colorful flowers in your forest,
It brings back one's life.

A forest of imagination and Creativity that poets seek to ,
I wish I could stay in your forest ' till ' eternity.
Forest of poetry speaks a lot about poets and poetess ♥️
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