Forever Young

A short explanation on how to remain young forever. If we say wizardry, it will make sense, but Mark Joe possessed no magical or spiritual powers; he walked, sat, ate, and behaved like every other human being; he couldn't heal Sammy of asthma; the young man would always be breath shortened, so certainly he can't be referred to as a witch doctor.

Mark Joe was a very handsome man with curly black hair and full eyebrows, curved lashes, brown eyes, a pointed nose, and an oblong face with lighted pink lips.

He was married to Samantha, she looked exactly her age, she was forty-two years old, it was written all over her due to the wrinkles and stretch marks and off course giving birth to Sammy, doubled with the stress of chasing away other women that tried to seduce Mark Joe, the funniest thing was that they weren't just women but young ladies or better still little girls that couldn't control their hormones, serval times she was almost killed just so she could be out of the picture for them to get to her husband.

"For goodness sake, my husband is sixty years old," she would always complain, but people believed she was using witchcraft!

How come mark Joe looked younger than Sammy, who was supposed to be his son? He had no enemy because of his looks and was always on the run because ladies won't stop chasing him.

He received gifts almost every day, be it foodstuffs, his wife needed not to go to the market or clothes, he got new stock every day, the number of girls that came to sweep his compound and fetch water was marvelous.

This made mark Joe so happy; he never had reasons to be sad.

One day, while Sammy had gone to work, Samantha had gone to the women's meeting; mark Joe stepped out for a walk; by the time he got back, his apartment was upside down; it appeared to have been burgled; he quickly ran to his safe, "they must have taken all my money," he thought, but to his greatest surprise, every dime and penny were intact. It seemed as if whoever it was, was after his cosmetics, but who would want to steal lotions and colognes.

This happened for two weeks, then mark Joe decided to hide under his spring bed to catch the assumed criminal.

An hour after he hid, he began to hear movements, when he came out, lo and behold it was John, Sammy said to be his best friend.

"Where are the herbs?" John asked, fidgeting and pointing a pen knife towards mark Joe.

John was not ugly, but he looked so old; he looked like he was the mark Joe said to be age. Meanwhile, he was half his age.

Mark Joe kept on staring with his arms in the air, smiling.

John was so irritated, "where are the herbs?"

"What herbs?" Asked mark Joe

"What makes you look so fresh and good, lovely? Where are the herbs? " John was provoked.

Mark Joe took a deep breath and took his arms down, "shall I tell you a secret?"

John highlighted a little.

"Sit down, son, "mark Joe offered him a seat as he began;

"Remember years ago when you failed your promotional exams and had to repeat a class."

John nodded in approval.

"What did you do? " Mark Joe rhetorically asked, " you frowned for a whole year and didn't even talk to Sammy; that's how people got to know you were demoted."

John gave an expression, notifying that he needed not to be reminded of the ugly past, but Mark Joe continued anyways; as he stood up and walked to his table of cosmetics, he picked up his lotion and said, "this is for the harmattan," he picked up another and said, "for cold," and the last one, saying, " I have no idea."

He returned back to his spring bed.

"You see, it takes forty-three muscles to smile but just seventeen to smile," mark Joe looked up as if there was something written up there,

"When life took all away from me, I laughed because I had nothing to live; people taught me I had everything, but I had nothing because I smiled at my situation, so go ahead and smile; it is mother nature's way of giving you a youthful appearance, and remember, every smile makes you a day younger,"

John smiled.

Just then, Sammy arrived and saw his father and his best friend hugging

"What did I miss?" Sammy asked

The atmosphere was filled with laughter.

© Chizoba nwazuo.

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