Fountain Of Living Water

This creative writeup depicts the reality in everyone's life, provided that there will always be quest for needs and wants for survival. many people are blindfolded or rather brainwashed that material things mostly money is the source of satisfaction. This piece metaphorically showcases the preceding and superior source of survival which is the fountain of living water who is the person of "Jesus Christ". The only personality that will not only give out, but also abundantly release without compromise.

I walked through the tiresome Desert with my bare foot, wandering like chaff blown into the air. I heard my heartbeat "thump".......... that much be the terrifying sound of the past. My anxiety stirred up again like an ignited flame of fire. In this Desert, there was no drop of water. I thirsted, and it made me become very desperate.

My leg wobbled as I stepped on the thorns of pain. My tears alone can form an ocean in this faded Desert. No one sympathizes with me, not even the soothing nature. The sun blazed hot, scorching my favorite choice and desires; looking up to the cloudy sky availed nothing. If wishes were horses, I would have ridden on the strongest one.

Hunger is an understatement as my stomach churned for food that was invisible. Confusion and anxiety rent the pale skySky of hopelessness, which was scanty of flying birds. Life herself became squalor for me. It perpetrated a series of sorrow, which is the siblings of sadness and bitterness against my trail of a quest. This quest for water made me forget the real fountain of living water.

My Journey continued like it was in the beginning. My cloth looked tattered and rough because of my struggle for satisfaction and contentment. Little did I know that the eternal kind of contentment was right there under my roof. This was neither seen nor felt because I lacked knowledge of the reality that hovers around my life.

I starved myself now and then, hoping to pop up someday and become stardom. Foolishness is what I called wisdom as I basked like one who won the lottery. I dangled in the air, mindful of fears, like a chicken that is about to be slaughtered. This is how you feel when you carry dual images. On the outside, I was perfect, flaunting material things, yet on the inside, I was starving and thirsty for the real living water of life. This was how I kept battling with the forces that denied me of my real peace of mind coupled with Joy and love.

This made me wail for more as my throat belonged to the water. None of the earthly acquisitions I had could quench the strong flames of desires that came from the inside. "No doubt, this fountain of living water did not only refresh the body but also blessed the spirit man. My spirit had been suffering as a result of my carelessness and nonchalance.

This body became my worship, and I valued it so much that it took the whole of my attention. It made me forget my first strength, which is the spirit man, who ought to be blessed with edifying food, but he was starved and thirsted. I have committed an expensive offense by neglecting that calm and loving being. If only I had given him the attention needed, I wouldn't have been in between the blue sea of threats. I would have been strong and healthy so that no strand of my hair would drop off my head due to the consequences of my nonchalance. Little did I know that it was a cistern that I needed to fill with undiluted water, but I only filled with the contradicted ones that did not suit him at the right time.

I thought giving all my attention to the spirit man would cause boredom, but it dawned on me that real boredom is the satisfaction of the perishable body. The light of my understanding stirred up like never. It made me know how foolish I was for neglecting the flourishing fountain of living waters. My troubled mind became relieved of deceptive bondage layered with different phases of darkness. This positive change made me cling to the fountain of living water, himself, "Jesus Christ." He took away my sorrow, born of the same mother with bitterness and sadness, including my unsatisfied desires, lies, flaws, and pains.

I do not travel into the world of confusion again with my tender mind. Jesus Christ became the master of my willpower in this new world of freedom and satisfaction. I did not only drink from the fountain of living water but also swam in it. This newness of life brightens up the engulfing darkness around my life, flanked around with an everlasting Joy and peace that my money cannot afford. I spread my wings wide, flying and singing sonorously like the night tingle. This is a Life worthy of living. I have found the ever-flourishing and refreshing fountain of living water, and I thirst no more.

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