Four Food Staples Found In Every Undergraduates Cupboard

Attending a Nigerian university is already a headache on its own, given the never-ending ASUU strikes and other troubles that may decide to emerge.

Thus, it is only natural for undergraduates to find solace in whatever brings them joy, among which is food.

  1. Cornflakes and milk: Carried over from our days in boarding school, this one is for times you have a 7:00 am lecture, yet you decide to wake up by 6:45 am.
  2. Noodles: 'Sharp sharp' food. In less than 10 minutes, your breakfast is ready to be served, and if you are feeling bougie, you can spice it up according to your pockets.
  3. SWALLOW AND SOUP: Especially akpu/fufu, and I'm sure everybody knows that the denser the swallow is, the longer it keeps you full.
  4. GARRI: Saving the best for the last, good ol' garri deserves to be inducted into a hall of fame. This local gold has been saving lives since the days of our forefathers and will continue to be a lifesaver to every Nigerian undergraduate.
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