From Father To Son

From father to son: Letter from a father to his son on the day he's getting married...

My dear boy, just yesterday you were a tiny bundle of joy who warmed the hearts of your parents. You made us laugh and cry( you still do). Now you are a grown man who is taking a bold step into the new phase called marriage. Marriage isn't for everybody because only a few understand what it entails. It's beautiful, unique, and occasionally very scary. It's not easy sharing your life with someone but it's enjoyable if it is with someone you love as you take this stride, I wish to advise you on certain things regarding your marriage, your wife, and your home.

Your wife is a helper, not a maid. She is helping you. You did not hire her, you married her and she has agreed to help you build your home. Never shut her up. Women are known to talk a lot, even those whom we see as quiet. She has to talk or she might feel pressured and frustrated. Listen to her when she speaks, look at her face so that she won't feel ignored when she speaks.

Join in the house chores, oh don't roll your eyes at this boy. I remember vividly when you were about twelve years old, you vehemently refused to wash the dishes because you felt it was a woman's work. There are no house chores that are meant for women or men. Both sexes participate in all manner of chores. If you do this, you're helping in the home. I know how much you love and respect your mother, she is her own person and likewise your wife. Do not compare your wife with your mother or any other female. It's an insult, not just to her but to you as well. You're indirectly telling her that you would rather marry your mother. Have some time together, now I don't mean when there's work to do. I mean to play games, go out, and take a vacation together. She will feel appreciated.

Finally, my dear son, there is nothing more beautiful than having a couple who pray together. It's the most powerful weapon that will keep you and your wife safe, sound, and sane. Congratulations again my dear son. Love

Your Dad

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