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Gambling Spirit

There's ONE SPIRIT controlling all addicted gambler(s). Find out the spirit and how to overcome it in the following lines....

GAMBLING is a game of probability with a higher percentage of losing than winning. An addicted gambler doesn't consider the warning (bet with money you can endure, not with all your savings) given by different gambling sites; just like Smokers ignore the similar warning (smokers are liable to die young, etc.) given by the manufacturer.

There's a Spirit for this irrational behavior displayed by gamblers. The spirit responsible for this is called "NEXT TIME SPIRIT." I hope you heard me loud and clear. Once this spirit possesses any gambler, Only God can deliver the person. If you think I don't know what I'm saying, ask any gambler that lost his/her game. They will respond today is not my luck; NEXT TIME, I will win and recover all my losses. Frankly speaking, there's NEXT TIME, and its possibility is 1/100. This 1% chance is what gave other losers high hope of believing they will win next time, and the chances are very, very slim.

Hear this today; gambling is not a source of wealth creation but the shortest route to poverty. Don't try to recover all the losses incurred while gambling if you want to defeat "NEXT TIME SPIRIT" and create the wealth you dreamt of.


  1.  DECISION: The first step to overcome gambling/next-time spirit is to take STOP DECISION. One thing is certain, the only person that can make you stop gambling is you. Research showed that there's a 99% chance of doing whatever one decides to do or not.
  2. PRAYING: Prayer changes all things. God has given us the grace to do whatever we ask Him in Matthew 7:7 and Numbers 14:28. Ask God to give you the grace to stop gambling each time you pray.
  3. UNFRIEND GAMBLER: Birds of the same feather flock together. You can't decide to stop gambling when you still keep gambler's friends. Disassociate yourself from them and see how God takes control of the rest.
  4. STOP VISITING GAMBLING HOUSE/LOCATION: Avoid visiting gambling houses if you truly want to STOP GAMBLING. You can also change the route to avoid the temptation of stopping by the house.
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THANKS FOR READING, and I pray and ask God to answer you whenever you call on Him.


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