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Ghost Romance

Do you believe ghosts exist? That they are living with us currently?? Vena was the only girl who had the guts to move into the house of Mr. Auyustine, who was now deceased and had died a long time ago; the house was believed to be haunted. Then read

The neighbors prevented people who showed interest in buying the house from fleeing. But the most astonishing thing was that anyone who warned a new occupant would end up dying the next day, so when the deaths became excessive, the people learned to close their insolences to avoid getting killed mysteriously.

At night, the house would suddenly come to esprit, and the lights and television would turn on themselves. A shadiness of a man was seen through the curtains; either they saw him cooking or reading the newspaper. The eeriest of all was when they would see bodies of dead humans outside. Vena was warned about the house, but she didn't seem to care. She loved the serenity and the equilibrium of the environment. Weeks later, she officially became the house owner and proceeded in with mitigation.

Vena stayed a month in the house with no turbulence of any such; the neighborhood was astonished that vena was still living in the house at peace. After staying for some months, Vena fell in love with one guy that regularly jogged around her vicinity. She got to know him from there, and they became friends, Vena and Satchel lived together, and Vena was over the sky, living with her dream man. He was one in her million; he cooked, washed, and did all domestic work. She worked while Satchel was always at home.

One night when she came home, she noticed a door was opened, she had never seen the door before, and she went to close it, the whole was in the covers of thin crust darkness and only the sounds of her heels and the radiation from the phone she used as her torch. "Hello, who's there?" She asked in fear, with her heart pumping blood more than usual; her heart ran at a brisk pace. Immediately, she walked into the room and saw what made her freeze in fright.

"You're up catnap beauty," Satchel told Vena while playing with her hair romantically."Guess it was all a nightmare," she said, touching her head which was very heavy for her to bear. "You're stressed out, that's why," he told her with a bit of apprehension in his voice. One thing led to another, and they instantly became turned on- that is, they were in the mood! Satchel didn't wait a second before devouring Vena's lips, he kissed her till she was almost out of breathing, her moans intensified with the way Satchel's fingers were playing with her clitoris, she was damn w*t, and the pleasure intoxicated her.

Vena screamed in pleasure as Satchel forcibly penetrated her tight holes; she was still a good lad before that day she decided to be a woman. His thrusts became faster, and their bodies made spanking sounds; she was soughing harder than usual while Satchel kept increasing his swiftness. Then she noticed something usual, while she was busy having a nice time with Satchel, a man was sitting on a rocky chair; she opened her eyes broader to confirm she wasn't visualizing things. She was freaked out and tapped Satchel to apprise him about the presence of Mr. Augustine, but the rejoinder she got exacerbated her situation. He said; well, that's my father, you saw*?"What!!!!!" I shouted, but I couldn't stand up; Satchel was on top of me; I felt my whole body go flaccid; I was too frightened to scream as I watched Satchel grow white hair. His nails drew long and looked like that of a wolf; his eyes were sparkling green and had hairs throughout his body. Mr. Augustine stood up and went out, and his son, Satchel, laughed and stood up naked with his dick dangling. I was incensed! "Will you get your eyes off me? You died an hour ago," he said. I then remembered seeing his dad taking something outside to dispose of like he usually did. And this time around, it was my body! I died, but I won't let this go by; I will make others pay for what Satchel did.


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