Olayemi Faith 6 months ago

Giant 63

Nigeria independence...Nigeria @63🎉The land of peace and unity; The giant of Africa; full of strength and dignity,


The land of peace and unity,
The giant of Africa,
full of strength and dignity,
land of fertile soil,
full of natural resources.

we've been hit,
Yeah, been hit with recession and hardships,
our currency devalued like we have no shame,
but here we are,
still standing strong.

Bad governance and minimal social amenities,
bad roads and infrastructures,
inflation and embezzlement,
but we still forge ahead like we are not disturbed.

Bloods have been shed,
the masses cried and still crying,
of the hardships and suffering,
our hopes dashed in place of being renewed,
but we still go on like we're satisfied.

Woe unto the oppressors,
Arise O compatriots,
cheers to your freedom 🎉
cheers to 1960,
the year of independence.

All hail thee, Nigeria!
let your 36 states and capital territory
all come together
to sing and celebrate your 63rd year of freedom.

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